Arrest Report November 15

The following persons were entered into the docket at the Scott County Detention Center November 2 – November 8. All persons are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law:
Nicklies Dewayne Bates, 35, 650 Kalem Rd, Morton, other- hold for other agency
James C Shuler, 55, 114 Lincoln St, Forest, misds- disturbing the public peace, public drunk
Nicholas R Robinson, 33, 2843 Cedar Grove Rd, Newton, misds- DUI-refusal to submit to test, speeding, failure to show proof liability insurance, disorderly conduct-fail to comply with officer
Candance Brianna Stribling, 23, 26 Russell Rd, Walnut Grove, misd- larceny-shoplifting under $1000
Lynn Dean Chestnut, 48, 8100 JL Chestnut Rd, Morton, felony- capias-possession methamphetamine
Ashton Forty, 21, 709 ME Melvin Leach Rd, Union, misds- disturbing the public peace, disorderly conduct-abusive language
Willie Shepard, 54, 2543 Cliff Armstrong Rd, Forest, misds- public drunk, general violations
Wilburn Weldon, Sr, 57, 599 SCR502C1, Pulaski, misd- DUI-first offense
Mateo Gomez Carmelo, 18, 606 Pine St, Forest, misd- DUI zero tolerance for minors (under 21 YOA)
Eric Herron, 41, 481 Old Highway 35, Forest, warrant- felony- larceny-all other-over $1000 (grand larceny)
Nelson Odom, 36, 2280 King Rd, Forest, felony- drugs-possession controlled substance
Jonathan Scott Littrell, 28, 3969 N Hwy 35, Forest, felony- drugs-possession controlled substance
Jimmy Joe Knowles, 48, 216 S 2nd Ave N, Forest, misd- DUI first offense
Jeremy Pugh, 19, 266 Russell Community Rd, Forest, felony- drugs-possession controlled substance
Isaac Deandre Fulton, 32, 117 Rd, Forest, misd- assault-domestic violence
Estevan Serna Soltero, 25, 452 N Broad St, Forest, misd- DUI second offense
Luis Perez, 31, 1240 W 3rd St, Forest, misd- DUI-refusal to submit to test
Alfonso Gomez, 37, 527 E Dinking St, Canton, misds- DUI first offense, careless driving, no driver’s license, failure to show proof liability insurance, expired tag
Brian Keith Taylor, 35, 69 McMillian Rd, Lake, misd- DUI second offense
Charles Dylan Savell, 25, 1705 Vencent Rd, Union, citations- misds- failure to stop/yield for emergency vehicle, running stop sign (disregard traffic control), no driver’s license, improper turn, reckless driving; felony- vehicle theft-auto-stolen & recvrd
Preston Haven, 29, 50 Weldon Ln, Pulaski, misd- drugs-possession paraphernalia
Joshua Rowland, 27, 532 Linsee Rd, Morton, misd- drugs-possession paraphernalia
Amanda Ellis, 21, 775 N Briedman Rd, Forest, misd- drugs-possession paraphernalia
John Hilton Mitchell, 55, 1107 Old Hwy 35, Forest, other- larceny-all other-over $1000 (grand larceny)
Troy Michael Hartman, 44, 853 Hwy 481 S Rd, Morton, other- hold for other agency
Clauzell Culpepper, 33, 5107 Old Jackson Rd, Forest, hold- other- probation/parole violation
Jason Lamar Usry, 25, 3333 Ringgold Rd, Forest, felony- burglary
Jeremy Keith Pugh, 19, 266 Russell Community Rd, Forest, felonies- burglary, drugs-possession controlled substance
Catlin Austin Myers, 33, 1041 S Little River Rd, Forest, other- hold for other agency
Kolby Lloyd, 19, 49 Monroe Moore Rd, Morton, misd- trespassing
Sherry Adcox, 32, 144 Lyle Dr, Morton, misd- probation/parole violation
Travis Donnell Robinson, 38, 269 Trenton Rd, Forest, misd- disturbing the public peace
Tiesha Monique Roberts, 25, 2499 Airport Rd, Newton, other- DUI second offense
Billy Wayne Shoemaker, 57, 7595 Clifton Hillsboro Rd, Forest, felony- hold for other agency


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