Enough is enough of this tropical stuff


It’s been a rough couple of weeks weather wise for the United States. Especially here along the Gulf of Mexico with the latest swath of hurricanes. Fortunately Mississippi has been spared thus far.
I find myself mesmerized by these storms. Following their paths and their “cones of uncertainty.” All weekend long at the house I checked in with the National Hurricane Center to see where Hurricane Irma was, and where she was expected to go.
I mowed the grass and checked the laptop on the kitchen counter. Blew off the driveway and checked the laptop. Cleaned off the deck and checked the laptop. Cooked dinner and checked the laptop. See what I mean?
At each update there would be a slight change in the cone and at one point I was even beginning to believe that storm was going to find its way into the Gulf and perhaps into south Mississippi.
Fortunately for us that did not happen. Unfortunately for Florida, Irma pretty much hugged the west coast causing destruction throughout most of that state from what I saw on the early morning news Monday.
At the same time there is still another hurricane, Jose, spinning around and around in the Atlantic. Literally around and around. Jose was headed Northwest and turned to the north and was expected to have turned back to the south by now, and then back to the northwest again.
At this writing Monday afternoon, that storm’s spiral cone of uncertainty was pointing back toward the east coast of Florida or perhaps somewhere further on up the East Coast of the United States.
Jose is just a little thing compared to Irma, but a hurricane is a hurricane and as we’ve seen in the past little things can grow up into great big things in a very short period of time.
Of course not much was being said about Jose earlier this week because Irma was still doing her thing, and was expected to cross from Alabama into Tennessee as a tropical depression on Tuesday stirring up some wind and rain around here.
That after the third hurricane in the same week, Katia, plowed into Mexico about the time that Irma was setting her eye on Florida. And now there is yet another tropical disturbance making its way across the Atlantic that had a chance of developing into a storm by the time this newspaper hit the streets on Wednesday morning.
That’s a lot of stormy weather and we have not even mentioned Hurricane Harvey that plowed into Texas two weeks ago. Folks around here are still collecting relief supplies to send that way and now I suppose we’ll be sending them in the other direction as well.
If you can, do contribute. We Mississippians are known for our generosity, especially when it comes to disasters. Plus, we’ve got a couple more months left in this hurricane season and only God knows if there might be a storm headed our way.
So, when the weather prognosticators said this was going to be an active hurricane season, that might very well have been an understatement. Especially considering the aforementioned activity has occurred in less than a month’s time. Major hurricanes, major destruction, short time frame.
So what does the rest of the season have in store for us? Hopefully nothing, but I wish I knew for certain.
I’ve said in this space before that I kind of like tropical weather. I like the tropical breezes brought on by the storms. But, even for me, enough is enough of this tropical stuff!


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