If ‘you’ can’t find Christmas this year, keep looking


By the time we visit in this space again Christmas will have come and gone. I was thinking about that last week on the drive in to work while listening to one of those radio stations that plays 24-hour Christmas music.

A song was playing through the speakers entitled, Where are you, Christmas? At least that’s what the disc jockey, whom I find very irritating, said. The person talking to me and everyone else listening over the airwaves Friday at that given moment said the song was about losing the Christmas spirit. “Where are you Christmas, why can’t I find you,” the singer, sang.

When I got to the office I decided to look the song up. To my surprise, it is from the movie How The Grinch Stole Christmas and to my greater surprise the song was being sung by Mississippi native Faith Hill. Boy have I been out of the loop.

To be exact, according to Wikipedia, “Where Are You, Christmas?, was co-written by James Horner, Will Jennings and Mariah Carey. The song was originally recorded by Carey, but because of a legal case with her ex-husband, it could not be released, so it was re-recorded and released by Faith Hill.”


Anyway, if you are wondering by now, where this is going, it’s that I seem to have had a hard time finding Christmas this year too. At least the Christmas spirit, that is.

I’ve kind of felt like the lyrics to that song.

Where are you Christmas

Why can’t I find you

Why have you gone away

Where is the laughter

You used to bring me

Why can’t I hear music play

Okay, to be honest I can hear the music playing — everyone can probably hear my music playing, as loud as I play it — and I do laugh a whole lot. But the fact is we’ve been so busy this year with working at the office, and working at home, and helping care for aging parents, and trying to keep up with everything there is to do and not to do in our busy schedules, it seems we’ve somewhat neglected the opportunity to enjoy the spirit of the season.

That never used to happen. We’ve always been ahead of schedule, and rip roaring ready to go before the dishes are done on Thanksgiving day...if not before. Things seemed to have changed this year just like in that song.

My world is changing

I’m rearranging

Does that mean Christmas changes too

Where are you Christmas

Do you remember

The one you used to know

I’m not the same one

See what the time’s done

Is that why you have let me go

Now we find ourselves less than a week before Christmas with very few presents under the tree. That is on purpose, we’re giving each other paint, and plyboard, and roofing material and the like this year. All three of us are doing that, me, my wife and my daughter.

Actually, my daughter flew out to Kansas City to visit a friend Saturday morning, so this week before Christmas she is enjoying a bit more than paint and plyboard, which, by the way, is impossible to wrap!

Other folks, it seems, are having a hard time finding Christmas this season as well. There are a bunch of Grinches out there. Isn’t that a coincidence?

As a matter of fact, I’ve had my eye on a couple of folks the past week that could suck the Christmas spirit right out of Jolly Old St. Nick himself...without even using a straw.

But, I’m not going to let them get to me. I’m going to find Christmas this weekend. I’m going to find it come hell or high water.

I’m going to pull my Santa jacket out of the attic, dust it off, and go visiting, and gifting, and playing with the ones I love. I’m going to fire up the fireplace, fire up the oven, fire up the grill, fire up the smoker, and create a spectacular spread. Then we are going to throw open our doors to a very special group of friends and family on Christmas day for a tremendous Christmas dinner.

We’re going to feast, and talk, and laugh, and remember Christmas past and look to Christmas future, and then laugh, and laugh, and laugh some more. We will hear the music playing and we  will have a grand ole time.

You know, now come to think about it, the Christmas spirit has been with me — in me — all along, I just wasn’t looking hard enough!

Y’all have a Merry Christmas. And if “you” can’t find it, keep looking, it’s there. It’s there somewhere, I promise.


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