Arrest Report October 4

The following persons were entered into the docket at the Scott County Detention Center September 21 - 27. All persons are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law:
Lavell Hughes, 56, 247 Futch Rd., Fores, serve 8 days
Ricky Lockett, 29, 201 Banks Rd., Forest, contempt of court- failure to appear and failure to pay
William Mills, 44, 1409 Old Sawmill Rd., Lake, hold for drug court
Gregory J. Ragsdale, 41, 651 N. 2nd Ave., Forest, possession of paraphernalia
Darrin Little, 50, homeless, public drunk, possession of liquor
Walter McCann, 27, 5574 Lawrence Hazel Rd., Lake, attempted burglary
Jamie Kyzar, 24, 4998 Old Jackson Rd., Forest, hold for drug court
Jonah Spivey, 22, 1777 Smith County Rd. 558, Pulaski, DUI (1st)
Alan Arozmend, 29, 108 N. Wood Dr., Morton, hold for drug court
Edward Hall, 53, Hwy. 80, Forest, public drunk
Jeremy O. Bowens, 26, 45 C.R. 24144, Newton, speeding, seatbelt, no driver’s license
Caroline Carter, 53, 10280 Rd. 402, Philadelphia, contempt of court
Kevin Ealy, 36, 241 Pace Rd., Forest, leaving the scene of an accident
Sarai Praxedis, 27, 947 Beatty Rd., Pulaski, domestic violence
Jimmy Ray Moulds Jr., 42, 2515 Rocky Creek Rd., Morton, domestic violence
Travis Robinson, 38, 269 Trenton Rd., Forest, disorderly conduct
Cadanus Hughes, 29, 1042 Hwy. 481 N., Morton, court order
Gregory Trigg, 38, 130 Trigg Cove, Pearl, court order
Thaddeus L. Jarvis, 34, 136 Lamboth Court, Jackson, court
Ricky Holifield, 55, 747 Long Pilgrim Rd., Forest, court order
Summer Dawn Moore, 38, 2995 Laurel Lake N., London, KY, court order
Faith Murphy Morrow, 55, 1275 Johnsontown Rd., Walnut Grove, DUI (other), no insurance
Tyree Dewan Shepard, 19, 4699 Old Jackson Rd., Forest, warrant- simple assault, contempt of court- failure to pay
Willie D. Gilbert, 60, 115 Johnson Town Rd., Lake, disturbing the peace
Wesley A. Norris, 33, 3473 Laurel Hill Rd., Carthage, disturbing the peace
Margia Patrick 62, 64 Watertank Rd., Forest, careless driving, DUI (1st)
John Perkins, 37, 133 B. Cole Ave., Walnut Grove, drug court hold
Becky Norwood, 33, 1445 Hwy. 487 NE., Walnut Grove, shoplifting
Clifford McCollum, 41, 1319 Cole Bluff Rd., Lena, trespassing- warrant
Kathleen Graffenread, 24, 108 S. Rasco Ln., Forest, possession of methamphetamine- felony
Brandon L. Moore, 21, 624 SCR 35-18, Forest, speeding, no insurance, suspended driver’s license, possession of paraphernalia
Christin M. Bradford, 24, 281 N. Davis St., Forest, domestic violence
Juan Jose Quinoa, 28, Old Hwy. 80 E., Morton, contempt of court- failure to appear (3x)
Crystal K. Watford, 34, 51 Young Hill Dr., Monticello, possession of methamphetamine, no driver’s license, improper equipment
Ashley Holder, 26, 119 E. Long Pilgrim Rd., Forest, court order
Robert Gowdy, 58, 1194 Hillsboro VFW Rd., Forest, court order
Daphne Harris, 48, 419 County Rd. 168, Louin, court order
Kenyatta Ragland, 42, 720 N. Davis St., Forest, court order
Jondarius Anderson, 19, 681 Harris Rd., Lake, court order
Jamie Patrick, 34, 159 Battle Rd., Forest, court order
Robert Andy Pinter, 48, 277 Midway Odom Rd., Forest, court order


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