Arrest Report September 27

The following persons were entered into the docket at the Scott County Detention Center September 14 - 21. All persons are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law:
Kenneth Patrick, 59, 332 Watson D., Forest, serve 10 days
Jeremy Chance Batse, 32, 185 Wilson Bates Rd., Morton, possession of controlled substance (felony)- methamphetamine
Carlos Refael Rojasferia, 49, 452 E. Broad St., Forest, petit larceny
Aaron Burks, 34, 216 Welch Rd., Lena, possession of controlled substance- methamphetamine, county warrant- breaking and entering
Travis Robinson, 38, 269 Trenton Rd., Forest, shoplifting
Sandra Johnson, 46, 113 Nate Rd., Lake, warrant- disturbing the peace
Courtney L. Boyd, 28, 472 Mount Carmel Rd., Morton, possession of marijuana in motor vehicle, possession of alcohol
Quentin E. Griggs, 44, 1532 49th Ave., Meridian, warrant- disposing of mortgage property
Lee Vonnie Barlow, 64, 812 Davenport St., Forest, warrant- contempt of court
Justice Reese, 19, 438 MLK D., Morton, attempted murder
Samuel Evans, 28, 187 MLK D., Morton, hold for Leake Co.- warrant
Carlos E. Boyd, 43, 115 Saint Paul St., Carthage, no driver’s license, DUI (1st)
Francisco Domingo, 31, 349 Iberville St., Apt. 1, Forest, DUI (3rd), careless driving hold for ICE
Jeffery Freeman, 18, Morton, trespassing, breaking and entering, bond surrender
Raychelle Kelly, 23, 8466 Hwy. 80, Morton, trespassing, possession of controlled substance- crack cocaine, breaking and entering
Pearley Mixon, 44, 1063 Hwy. 481 N., Morton, disturbing the peace
Kevin Johnson, 37, 712 Grant Johnson Rd., Morton, threatening bodily harm
Kelsey Jolly, 18, 972 Antioch Shiloh Rd., Pelahatchie, warrant- Leake Co. (x2)
William Roy Monk Jr., 22, 10500 Rd., 101 Union, warrant- simple assault
Leland Leaundra McGee, 26, 607 Old Hwy. 13, Morton, domestic violence
Arvena M. Charlie, 24, 125 Tiak Osi Lane, Walnut Grove, domestic violence, disturbing the peace
Carmeb Gomez Gasper, 24, 606 Pine St., Forest, public drunk
Estevan Serna, 20, 452 Broad St., Forest, DUI (1st), no driver’s license, no insurance, improper parking, open container
Lecrecia Franklin, 33, 414 Nan Lindsey Rd., Morton, drug court violation
Shantae Smith, 33, 4031 Hwy. 501, Forest, speeding no insurance, failure to comply
Warren T. Jones, 51, 95 Gomillion Rd., Walnut Grove, hold for Sebastopol
Kehanne Thompson Holley, 22, 16566 Hwy. 21, Walnut Grove, contempt of court
Timothy Jim Willis, 46, 154 Cobble Stone Rd., Walnut Grove, public drunk
Kaniello Washington, 32, 1267 Haralson Rd., Forest, warrant- Leake Co.
Gregory J. Ragsdale, 47, 651 N. 2nd Ave., Forest, possession of paraphernalia
John Martin Overby, 46, 5122 Hwy. 18, Brandon, trespassing, hold for MDOC
Courtney Gail Davidson, 28, 125 Parkway Rd., Walnut Grove, shoplifting, possession of controlled substance
Chris Johnson, 20, 100 N. VFW Rd., Forest, malicious mischief
Jeffery Alan Blakeney, 49, 1036 S. Little River Rd., Forest, contempt of court- failure to pay
Dennis Loggins, 31, 10280 Rd. 402, Philadelphia, failure to pay
Darrel Rosell, 22, 413 Austin St., Philadelphia, failure to pay
Samantha Parisi, 35, 3623 Hillsboro Rd., Forest, drug court violation
Latashia Walker, 22, 243 E. 7th Ave., Morton, drug court hold
Jonathon Johnson, 37, 416 MLK D., Morton, possession of paraphernalia, hold for MDOC
David Ryan Wicker, 33, 1743 Warrentown Rd., Forest, warrant- simple assault
Jamari Ficklin, 26, 548 Mon Rd., Forest, serve 10 days
Terry Curtis Bullock, 50, 111 Lakeshore D., Brandon, indicted (2x)- possession of cocaine
Kayla Monk, 29, 1058 Denson Rd., Morton, failure to pay
Jason Wolfe, 37, 4830 Richmond Ave., Shreveport, hold for New Mexico
Chasity Osletree, 32, 391 Water Tank Rd., Forest, possession of methamphetamine
Pemarlo West, 40, 129 Jones St., Forest, possession of controlled substance (felony), possession of paraphernalia