Arrest Report September 6

The following persons were entered into the docket at the Scott County Detention Center August 24-3`. All persons are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law:
Kimble Ray Lingle, 59, 927 Woodrow Martin Rd., Pelahatchie, damage to a cemetery headstone
Jeffery A. Freeman, 18, 8599 Hwy. 80, Morton, disturbance of the peace
James Wilson Jr., 44, 276 Hwy. 21 and 80, Forest, burglary of a residence
David Lee Tyler, 30, 1309 Crump Rd., Jackson, hold for MDOC
Chris Lee Warnsley, 35, 78 AC Thompson, Newton, possession of marijuana
Christopher Rankin, 37, 460 ½ Jones St., Forest, failure to appear
Danny Joe Yates, 61, 2004 Horseshoe Rd., Walnut Grove, hold for MDOC
Christopher Terry, 37, 263 East Ratliff St., Morton, indicted- sale of methamphetamine (x2)
Larry Frith Jr., 36, 758 Townsend Rd., Morton, parole violation
Christopher Williams, 42, 643 West North St., Forest, public drunk
Malcolm Walker, 27, 170 Patrick Dr., Forest, parole violation- 2 days, contempt of court- failure to appear
Leal Decipero, 46, 738 3rd St., Forest, possession of methamphetamine- felony
Deonteze Lloyd, 45, 424 Banker Rd., Morton, court order
Ashley Doolittle, 31, 899 Hopewell Rd., Homewood, disturbing of family
David Ramizez, 26, 6247 Hwy. 80, Morton, DUI (2nd), hold for MDOC
Terry Roberts, 53, 2162 Old Jackson Rd., Forest, possession of controlled substance, failure to comply, possession of paraphernalia, resisting arrest, possession of marijuana
Jamari Ficklin, 26, 548 Mon Rd., Forest, DUI (2nd)
Fabian Losoya, 28, 240 Peace St., Forest, no driver’s license, DUI
Denta Montrell Posey, 23, 439 Sanctified Rd., Morton, simple assault (x2), bond surrender
Juan Gregorio, 29, Iberville Apt. N 339, Forest, child abuse
Ana Torrez, 28, Iberville Apt. N 399, Forest, child abuse
Mateo Hernandez, 48, 231 Davis St., Forest, DUI refusal
Jeff Lynn Husband 63, 687 N. Roosevelt St. N., Forest, shoplifting (1st)
Jenetta Ann Bailey, 39, 1288 Greer Rd., Forest, hold for drug court
Jimmy Beamon, 41, 711 S. Raleigh St., Forest, grand larceny
Candice McLaurin, 28, 479 New Subdivision Rd., Morton, perjury
William Smith, 53, 503 Hwy. 80, Morton, hold for drug court
Sandra Johnson, 46, 113 Nate Rd., Lake, warratnt (x2), trespassing, malicious mischief, simple assault, disturbing the peace
Daniel M. Snow, 26, 2278 SCR 135, Morton, warrant- failure to pay
Cedric McCleardon, 40, 56 Balutca Rd., Forest, DUI (2nd)- serve 10 days
Jimmy Ledbetter, 40, 3267 Sherman Hill Rd., Lake, possession of controlled substance
Rosalyn Deajune Bland, 20, 1174 S. Main St., Forest, possession of marijuana