Divine Potato Soup is perfect for chilly January


Wow!  What an end to 2017! And I had just gotten used to writing 2017 on my checks!  And another year pops up!  Good grief!

You know you sit back and wonder what important milestones we reached last year, not counting birthdays.

We have two teenagers now to face the world and I know this new milestone will be wonderful and great! 

I think it is easier to watch them grow up these days and keep up with their lives with love. That old expression, “MamaCarol never gets mad” is still an icon, just not used as much as earlier years.

And looking out the French doors I can tell that the temperature is dropping.  We were told that some churches were letting out early, that some stores had closed for the day. Everyone had bundled up.

And where were my children and grandchildren?

Why, they were having fun shooting fireworks on the tennis court...a fun thing to do...and a fun thing they have enjoyed for 24 years. This year they had some beautiful samples of circles and buzzing around. Now I only went out for a few minutes...and came back in to thaw out. It was getting kinda late so I thought maybe I had better get the hot chocolate with marshmallows ready. And they were ready for it!

And thinking of cold weather, my mind went for the recipe for Divine Potato Soup.  Mary Satterwhite gave me this recipe that her sister Evelyn Vaughn had mailed to her and it is a keeper for sure.

Divine Potato Soup

Ten potatoes or three pounds

One can Cream of Celery Soup

One can Cream of Onion Soup

One pound Velveeta

One stick Oleo

One five ounce can of evaporated milk

Salt and pepper to taste

Tabasco to taste.

Peel and cut potatoes.  Cover in water and boil until tender.  Leave in water and add soups, salt, pepper and Tabasco to taste.

Chop cheese into mixture.  Add oleo and milk.

Cook until cheese melts!

Serve with your favorite garlic bread.


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