Forest News

Happy Birthday:

Feb 14    Don Healy, Jean Amis, Cynthia Hunter, Caroline Lanthrip, Mike Gaddis, Mindy Chambers, David Smith, Nancy Witshire, Junior Pryor, Mary Grace Harallson Schwab, Rev. John Case, Teresa Packer, Kent Young, Gladys Willison, Dewayne Hawkins, Elan Powell, Tracy Risher

Feb 15   Betty McKinson, Janice McDaniel Harris, Michael Nelson Adam Bounds, Trish Morris, Chad Driskell, Hunter Wolf, Gretchen Elise Weger, Alexander Thomas Brown, Keith Posey, Bob Tom Johnson, Sara Faye Windham, Brenda Harris McLemore, Dink Gibson

Feb 16   Tony Wilkerson, Karen Park, Darwin Hatch, Erin Wolverton, Rebecca Jane Tucker, Leslie Tucker, Kathryn Rushing, Teresa Davis, Jane M. Moore, Jennifer Adcock Dilly, Neal Austin Wood

Feb 17   Chris Smith, Betty McAlison, Jason Smith, Andy Brown, Debbie Risher, Stephanie Taylor Shaw, Margaret Burns, Haley Hanna, Bill Tucker, Brian Kaskie

Feb 18   Brian Busbee, Thomas W. Colbert, Randy Trest, Billy Ray Crowell, Martha Measells, Emily Carol Lowrey, Paul Risher, Hiram Richardson

Feb 19   Harvey Gene Mathis, Addie Lee McWilliams, Patricia Hollingsworth, Joey Kenna, Lee Moore, Tina Davis

Feb 20   Steve Purvis, Bertha McTurner, Teresa M. Smith, Brenda Hubbard, Ron Anthony, Clo Allen Harrell, Meagan Parks, Cindy Hawthorne, Melissa Robbins, Brad McBride, Rocky Lutts, Kristi Gibbs, Victoria Faith Smith

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Hope you’ve already planned something memorable on this special date!!

Did you see that the Clarion Ledger last week listed Forest soccer player Dennys Diaz as one of four top performers of the week?!!  Dennys scored six goals in three games and the Besrcats won all three games. Congratulations Dennys!  We are proud of you!!

Irene, Steve, Karon, Russell, Mary and Tara Martin hosted a birthday celebration Sunday for Zach Whittington.  Other guests were Billy, Tonya and Austen Whittington, Eden Ware, Wayne, Cathy, Elijah and Justus Harvey.  Everyone enjoyed Zach’s favorite foods: Karon’s hot dog casserole, Russell’s hamburgers and Tara’s banana split cake. Now that’s incentive to celebrate!!

Raman and Jay Patel returned to Forest last Tuesday after having visited friends and family in India for the past two months.  Welcome home!

Forest Rotarians were challenged and energized last week at their regular meeting with a visit from District Governor Bill Walker of Columbus.  Governor Walker made an interesting and informative presentation to the club members.

Judge Tom and Norma Ruth Lee have been regular attendees for their grandson Tom III’s  9th grade basketball games with Madison Central Schools. Tom has been the high scorer for several games. Forest neighbors Cindy and Randy Reynolds attended a game where Tom was the high scorer.

So sorry to learn about Dana Moore’s recent accident.  While still recovering from knee surgery, Dana had the misfortune of breaking her leg.  She is still hospitalized in Jackson.  We’re thinking of you, Dana. Hope you’re better soon!

Good to hear that Harmon Lathem is now home from the hospital. He receives dialysis treatment three times a week.

 Roseann  Lynn, now of Asheville, North Carolina, was happy to be included ‘long distance’ in Norma Ruth Lee’s recent birthday celebration at Penn’s. During the luncheon the group called Roseanne in Asheville and also were able to share pictures with her. These ladies have been friends for 30 to 40 years and always enjoy celebrating their birthdays together.

Former long time Forest resident Ellen Stegall remains in the swing bed unit of Forrest General Hospital in Hattiesburg and continues to make slow progress from her fall on January 6th.  We wish her a speedy recovery.    

My daughter shared a Mississippi friend’s FaceBook post stating he can’t remember a flu season like we’ve experienced this year. According to health experts, this is said to be the worst outbreak of influenza in the 13 years it has been tracked. Over 12,000 individuals have been hospitalized and tragically it has claimed the lives of more than 30 children. Because it’s so widespread, all you have to do is come in contact with one who’s infected and there’s a good chance you’ll end up sick. Seven states have closed numerous schools within their borders.  Please do your best to take the necessary precautions to stay healthy.

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