The Message


Looks are Deceiving

The world is accustomed to judging according to external appearances in everything. This explains the continuous appearance of new styles and models in almost everything that is manufactured, and in everything we use in our daily lives. Since the appearance of the digital world professionals and scientists from that area have been and will be transforming society towards laziness and comfort from an inhuman point of view.

Everything is automated-from any seat we can ask for anything, be it music, television, food, drinks etc. We are approaching a world where many cars will not need drivers, and in our homes we will be served by robots. However, there will be an immense majority of people in the world who cannot have these “comforts” and enjoy the laziness of having everything at the command of our mouths.

Let us not forget that there are more than four billion poor people in the world who cannot even dream of such “comforts”. In addition, those who have these “advances”, they run a high risk of anxiety that makes them addicted to the Social Network, for which God becomes something unnecessary and useless. Their anxieties are only satisfied when they have the latest and newest on the market. This situation has created a mass of people who live permanently in debt and who seem to have unending wealth.

While the billions of people without resources and well-paying work cannot afford such inventions, they try in some way to at least own smartphones with programs that are mostly of little benefit to us. All these professionals ignore what the Glory of God means, and what the purposes of our existence on earth from the Christian point of view really is. “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you clean the outside of the cup and the plate, but inside they are full of greed and self-indulgence.”(Matthew 23:25 ESV)

No company that develops and manufactures robots and electronic devices is interested in the spirit and soul of the people who buy their products or what their impacts on the environment are. Their objective is only to win as much money as possible by tricking the consumer market with thousands of stratagems. All make believe that their devices are “good” or “smart” created to bring joy and pleasure to their lives. Little has been said about the many people who have fallen into addiction away from God and becoming slaves of the digital world. It is enough to open any program in the computer to realize the enormous amount of lies and deceits spread in the social network and of important people as world leaders are making constant use of those media, not to mention the loss of privacy with many of these companies possessing virtually all our information.

While our Lord knows all our concerns, miseries and everything we do and think, few realize that He is our only refuge from the harassment of the world of darkness. He is the only refuge from violence, corruption and immorality that has invaded today’s society. As Christians we must watch for the coming of Christ, maintaining our way of thinking and living in the way we want Him to find us when He comes. We must never forget that our appearances do not deceive God, nor save us from the final judgment. “Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour.” (Matthew 25:13 ESV)

May God bless you.