Midway News


October Fest is on the 14 at Midway

Thomas Wilson celebrated his birthday by attending two plays, Saturday with his wife Dr. Locord Wilson seeing “Mamma’s Boy”.  Sunday with his wife and their respective families the play was “Stick Fly”. Those attending with him were, his wife, Dr. Locord Wilson, his sisters, Bobbie Brady, and Linda Wilson and her husband, two of his brothers, David Wilson and Walter Wilson, Locord’s family members were Delie Shepard, Dr. Lorraine Dozier, and Leslie Ross.
The play was very good, the actors were wonderful.  The play stated that it was for a mature audience.
After the play everyone had a delicious meal at Ichiban Buffett.  The food was delicious.
Sympathy is given to those families who lost their love ones.  The Flores and Bradford family in losing Enrique Flores.  He was eulogized at Midway M.B. Church.  His interment was in the church cemetery.
Sympathy to the Swafford Family in the passing of Minnie Swafford.  She was eulogized on last Saturday.
Sympathy to the Steve Family in the passing of Grace Steve.  She was eulogized on last Saturday in Walnut Grove. 
Sympathy is given to the Williams family in the passing of Sammie Williams.  He was eulogized on last Saturday at Antioch M.B. Church in Lake with his interment at Little Rock M.B. Church Cemetery.
Sympathy is given to the Clark family in the passing of Demond Clark.  He was eulogized last Saturday in Walnut Grove.
Sympathy is given to the Nickson family in the passing of Katie Nickson.  She was eulogized on last Saturday. 
October Fest will be held at Midway M. B. Church October 14th.  There will be 4 teams competing. Tevin Nickols team is Blue and they will be furnishing the hamburgers.  Tom Wilson’s Team is orange and they will furnish the drinks.  Tyrone McClendon’s team is green and they will furnish the hot dogs. Lasean “Shun” Jackson team is red and they will be furnishing the chips.  The many events will begin at 9:00 a.m. on the church grounds. 
There will be a benefit program for Ulanda “Tonya” and Lisa Hawkins, Saturday, October 21st.  The theme is “With your Passion, No one walks alone”.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Both of these ladies who are also sisters are battling the terrible disease. The Community Breast Cancer Walk will begin at 9:00 a.m.  We are asking for a $5.00 donation to participate in the walk. Or like me just donate the $5 if you do not participate in the walk. 
Immediately after the walk there will be a benefit program held.  Chicken Plates and Hamburger Plates will be available for $7 donation.  Pick up time for the plates will be 12:00 p.m.
All donations and monies for the walk and plates will go to the Hawkins Family. 
The churches in the area if possible will the donate items to make this event a success.  You can donate money to the Hawkins family through the program.
To sign up as a volunteer, sign up for the Breast Cancer Walk or to donate, please call one of the contact people. They are Jean Miley Burkes 601-625-7696, Constance McClendon 601-941-9831, Janice McClendon 601-697-0384, and Sherry Miley Lyles 601-863-6430.
Prayers for Susie Boyd and her sister Laura.  They are in Birmingham where Laura is undergoing treatments.  Please remember them in your prayers.