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Potluck of Historical Soul Food to be Served

The 4th Anniversary of Rev. Ronnie Whittington and First Lady Venita Whittington was a grand celebration.  Bro. Tom Wilson was Master of Ceremony.   Dr. Locord Wilson read a heart rendering occasion. It was so much of the good things our pastor has done during the time he has served as pastor. Pastor Whittington was not able to attend the Anniversary Celebration.

Pastor Whittington’s mother, and sister from Detroit. His mother’s sister, his aunt, mother-in-law, step mother and other family members were at church for his Anniversary.

Sympathy is given to the Rigsby Family in the passing of Sammie Rigsby.  She was eulogized on last Saturday.  Remember her children and family members in your prayers. 

Sympathy is given to the Cager Family in the passing of L. C. Cager.  He was eulogized on last Saturday. Remember the family in your prayers.

Sympathy is given to the Ledbetter family in the passing of James Edward Ledbetter.  He was eulogized on last Sunday.  Rev. Andre Ware delivered the eulogy.  His interment was in Lovelady Cemetery. Remember his wife and family in your prayers.

Sympathy is given to the Evans family n the passing of Cleo Evans. He was eulogized on last Monday. His brother, Rev. Deuteronomy Evans read scriptures from the Old and New Testament and offered prayer.  Another brother, Rev. John T. Evans delivered the Eulogy.   The Master of Ceremony was Bryan Evans which is also another brother.  Remember his sons and the rest of the family in your prayers. 

Midway M. B. Church will celebrate Black History on February 25th during regular service. Patty Odom is in charge of the program.  A Potluck of Historical Soul food will be served.  All foods will be made the old fashion way from scratch. 

The Century Family Reunion will be held at Roosevelt Park, June 22 and 24, 2018. Saturday Night events will be held at Reach One on One in Forest.  We are gearing up for great attendance.  The Reunion is at home where all the people originated from that started the reunion in the Sixties.     If you need more information or a printed copy of the registration blank call Delie Shepard.

Our sick list consists of Sarah J. Johnson, Katherine Gilbert, Juanita Banks, Mack Arthur Robinson, Percy Shepard, Doris Holifield, Katie Mae Kincaid, Mattie Holifield, Maggie Smith, Freda Ward, David Parrott, Linda Parrott, Vasherer Ficklin, Billy Strong, Minnie Strong, Dale Lewis,  and Nettie Kennedy.

You may reach me Delie Shepard at 601-507-0992 or email me at dshep10399@bellsouth.net.  You may fax me at 601-625-0992.