Midway News


Thanksgiving Dinner
will be served
November 19

Midway M. B. Church Choir Day Program will be November 11 at 2:00p.m. Your presence will be appreciated. 
Thanksgiving Dinner will be served at Midway M. B. Church on November 19th, immediately after service.  Everyone is invited to attend. Our dressing will be prepared as always by Bobbie sanders.  D’Arcy Stowers and his brother Jerome will prepare the turkeys.
The Century Family Reunion will be held at Roosevelt Park, June 22 and 24, 2018. Saturday Night events will be held at Reach One on One in Forest.  We are gearing up for great attendance.  The Reunion is at home where all the people originated from that started the reunion in the Sixties. 
Scott Central High School Football team will be traveling to Rosedale, MS to play West Bolivar High School Football team on Friday Night. Rosedale is north west of Cleveland, MS.  My GPS says that the best route is 35 north to 55 north. Exit 55 on Highway 82 West and travel to Greenwood where you will get on 49E north, then west on Highway 8 through Cleveland on to Rosedale, MS.  Address is 505 Main Street, Rosedale, MS 38769.  Another alternative is 35 North to 55 North to Highway 8 West to Rosedale. For those who plan to attend the game it is 3 hours and 5 minutes through Greenwood.  It is also 3 hours and 5 minutes through Grenada this route will be more interstate to travel instead of two lane highway.
Rev. Wesley Griffin delivered a well-spoken word on last Sunday.
Glad to have one of our own coming back to the community and to the school and sharing the knowledge that he has learned.  Greg did a science workshop for the elementary students at Scott Central on last Friday.  He stayed over and attended the Football game and then going to his Alma Mata, Mississippi State to attend their game on Saturday.  Thank you, Greg, for bringing your knowledge home to encourage out youngsters that there is a future for them, even graduating from a small town country school.  You Greg and many more from Scott Central have gone on and achieved degrees and some have received terminal degrees.
Minnie Pearl Strong is in Specialty Hospital in Jackson. She has already been there over a month.  Remember to pray for her husband Billy who is also ill and the rest of her family.
Others on our sick list consists of Rev. Ronnie Whittington, Betty White Flowers, Mack Arthur Robinson, Percy Shepard, and Nettie Kennedy who is also the oldest living member of the Midway Community. 
Happy Birthday wishes to Annie Stowers the 5th. 
You may reach me Delie Shepard at 601.507.0992 or email me at dshep10399@bellsouth.net.  You may fax me at 601.625.0992.