The mystery of the disappearing baked bacon


Several years, many years ago I had a friend who told me about a new recipe for bacon.

Okay, how do you have a new recipe for bacon? You bake it....not fry it. 

And for those who miss the strips of bacon on your breakfast plate, have no fear. Now this is not for everyone, so be sure and check with your doctor before eating.

Sally had told me that her husband was having heart problems, but was so reluctant to give up his two strips of bacon each morning.  Her doctor recommended this and it became a hit with everyone.

She bought a three pound package of bacon, and began placing strips on her broiler.  That way she would have the bacon drippings for other recipes. She turned her oven on 350 degrees and cooked it for thirty minutes. She cooked all of the bacon and placed the strips between two paper towels to absorb any other grease and placed it in a gallon zip lock bag and placed in the freezer. 

Simple, right? And there would always be bacon in the freezer.Right? Okay, wrong should be the answer.

You see, when I would look in the freezer to decide what to cook that night, I noticed that the bacon bag began to look smaller and smaller.  Was it my imagination? 

No, it was knowing without a doubt that the baked bacon was disappearing at alarming rates!  And I knew exactly where it was going! With three healthy sons who came home from school after band practice, baseball practice, and football practice, they were absolutely starving!

So I just started buying they could have all they wanted. And as I used to say, “If you are at my house for a meal, don’t trip and fall on the way to the kitchen, because when you got up off the floor, the food was all gone.”

I had some secrets to keeping them fed, but I don’t want to go into that for right now! Long story short? They are healthy young men with hungry children!  And MamaCarol tries to keep everyone fed!

Thank you for allowing me to go back into my family and all the fun we had. And it was always interesting!

With all the rain, I don’t think anyone is planting anything right now.  But the sun will be out soon and we can start digging in the dirt again.

Thought for the week: Lincoln was not great because he lived in a log cabin but because he was able to get out of the cabin.  From: The Complete Book of Zingers by Croft M. Pentz Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. P. O. Box 80, Wheaten, Ill. 60189

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