Pleasant Hill News


It’s not fair

On December 3, 2017 our morning message was brought by Rev. Marcus McDougle
Scripture John 11:1-17-21 with the subject These Three.
Prayers For: Ruthie Ann Wright, Peggy Lewis and Yvonne Ward.
Sympathy, understanding, love and special prayer to the families of Charles Willie Jones.
Food for Thought: How many times have you heard this isn’t fair. Someone came along and grabed the last piece of this or that and the next thing you hear is that isn’t fair.
Take Jonah for instant he didn’t have someone around to remind him that life’s not fair. Jonah thought that God should punish those bad old Ninevites.
Surprise Surprise! Jonah, God didn’t want it that way with Nineveh. He wanted to save the city. Yet Jonah wanted it his way, don’t we all. When things didn’t go Jonah’s way he sat down and pouted and could easily have muttered, It’s not fair.
Life isn’t always the way we want it to be, it doesn’t always seem fair, in our eyes or from our perspective, that is. But all is fair and just in God’s eyes. And we must resist the urge to doubt or judge like Jonah did. Our part is to have faith and believe that God is just and all is in his control. Whether or not we think, “It’s just not fair.”