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Have we forgot how to pray?

Sunday I joined family at Salem Baptist for morning worship.  Bro. Larry Duncan took text from Jeremiah, explained that this man of God is called the weeping Prophet.  He delivered God's warning to a disobedient nation.  Where is our Jeremiah?
After all the events of the past few weeks, hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, etc. why are we not hearing a call for prayers from a national standpoint?  Do we not associate this with a warning from God about our Nation’s disobedience?
We hear about all these disasters through news media, but, never a mention of prayer.  What are we as Christian's doing about it? Are we going to sit by and do nothing like we did when “Reading the Bible, Praying and pledge of Allegiance to our Flag” was taken out of our schools?
It was wonderful seeing Ms. Evelyn Waltman at Salem Church.  She has been quite ill, but has been able to return for services for several weeks now.
Bobby and Hilda Jo Woods celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary Sunday afternoon at Salem Baptist Church.  Their children did a great job in honoring them on this a very special occasion.  The couple were surprised when long time friends from Ohio walked in.  I ask them if the weather warnings alarmed them?  They remarked that they kept up with weather news and drove on in.
EBC NEWS:  Senior Lunch this week, Friday 10/13, at 11:30.    Men’s Breakfast Sunday, 10/15, at 8 a.m. and men of all ages are invited;   Late Night - Sunday, 10/15 will be held at FBC Morton;  Scott Co. Baptist Association Annual Meeting on Monday night, 10/16, at 6:30 p.m.;  Children's annual Pumpkin Patch trip to Lazy Acres on Saturday, 10/21.  The Adult Choir is preparing for their Christmas Program now.
Have you ever wondered how the many, many demonstrations that are going on in America gets organized so well? Harvard Professor, Alan Dershowitz, said “the group Antifa is a group of radical, anti America, anti free market, communist, anti socialist, hard life organization that is behind most of the national protest.” Their work is being heard loud and clear!
I have started noticing the spider lilies that are popping up and thinking about the Mother’s that planted them years and years ago. They were planted in yards and now the landscape has them on the side of highways, in pastures and few in people’s yards.  I am reminded of my mother-in-law every time one pops up around me in these odd places.  What a great way to bring back old memories and smile of yesteryear!
This past week I was cleaning out a few unused Bibles, at my house, to take to Carlisle Crisis Center.  I found an interesting old tattered piece of paper that my Mother, Lois Emmons, had written years ago. I have shared it with family and was encouraged to share it with you.
“Lord, thou knowest better than I know myself that I am growing older and will some day be old.  Keep me from getting talkative and particularly from the fatal habit of thinking I must say something on every occasion. Release me from craving to try to straighten out everybody’s affairs. Keep my mind free from the recital of endless details. — give me wings to get to the point.
“I ask for grace enough to listen to the tales of other’s pains.  Help me to endure them with patience. But seal my lips on my own aches and pains as they are increasing and my love of rehearsing them is becoming sweeter as the years go by.
“Teach me the glorious lesson that occasionally it is possible that I may be mistaken.  Keep me reasonably sweet.  I do not want to be a saint — some of them are hard to live with.  A sour old person is one of the crowning works of the devil.” (Lois Robinson Emmons 1900-1994)
Have a God blessed week and pass it on!
Make me thoughtful, but not moody, helpful but not bossy.  With my vast store of wisdom, it seems a pity not to use it at all.  But, thou knowest Lord that I want a few friends in the end.”