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Tribute to Reverend Billy Graham’s wife

The old saying, “Behind every good man, stands a good woman”' this certainly fits Mrs. Ruth Bell Graham, wife of Rev. Billy Graham. Ruth was born in the Republic of China to Medical Missionaries. At age 13 she was enrolled in high school in Korea and after 3 years completed high school in North Carolina. She then entered Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois and aspired to be a Missionary on graduation. (This was where the two would meet and they were married over 60 years. He said she was his inspiration and most trusted advisor.)

At age 13, Ruth wrote the following poem: Dear God, I prayed, all unafraid (as we are inclined to do) I do not need a handsome man, but let him be like you. I do not need one big and strong, nor yet so very tall, nor he be some genius or wealthy, Lord at all. But let his head be high, Dear God, and let his eyes be clear, his shoulders straight, what’er his state. What’er his earthly sphere and let his face have character, a ruggedness of soul. Let his whole life show, Dear God, a singleness of goal. Then when he comes (as he will come) with quiet eyes aglow. I understand he’s the man I prayed for long ago. —This was read at Billy Graham’s funeral by their daughter Gigi.

EPHESUS NEWS: Thursday, March 15th at 6:00 p.m. Beginning Quilting Class; Saturday, March 17th from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. the Youth will have a “Babysitting Fundraiser” open for toddlers through 6th grade, cost $10. per child to give parents a “night out” and help the youth.

Prayer concerns: Johnny Permenter, Henry Bennet, Patricia Wooten Beckwith, Truman Bell, Carolyn May Haralson, Connie Harris, Carol Ann Jones, Doris Cupit and children, Layla Jones, Annie Layman and Clayton Smith. Sincere sympathy to the family of Bobbie McMillian Ogletree in the loss of their loved one.

Annual Easter Services will be held on Sunday, April 1st. Breakfast will be served at 8 a.m. with Outdoor Services following.

Other Church items of interest: Bethlehem Baptist will present “We Remember Calvary” on Sunday, March 25th at 6:00 p.m. It is a Worship Service to recreate the emotional and spiritual aspects of the Passion Story. The Annual Spring Senior Rally (County Wide) will be held at New Liberty Baptist on April 12th beginning at 9:15 a.m. The speaker for this event will be Barbie Bassett.

Automobile information: “The headrest of car seats are deliberately kept detachable and sharp so that it can be used to break open the glass in case of an emergency. The car’s glass is kept where it is easily breakable from the inside. Very few people know this and thus can’t save themselves in cases of emergency.”

“New Social Security cards will begin mailing out next month. They will start mailing with Delaware,Washington DC, Maryland, Penn., Virginia and West Virginia. Instead of the Social Security # it will have a different 11 digit Medicare Identification #. It will no longer have gender or signature. Scammers have already began targeting 58 million, who will get new cards, by calling enrollees trying to get money for the revised card. These are free to members and will be mailed out continuing through 2019.”

A recent Church sign: “The Donkey and the Elephant won’t help, we must turn back to God!”

GRACE is when God gives us good things that we don’t deserve. MERCY is when HE spares us from bad things we deserve. BLESSINGS are when HE is generous with both!

Have a blessed week and share it with others!