Sebastopol News


‘Be a light in a too often dim world’

Sympathy is extended to the family of Howard Sanderson.

Prayers and concern for the following people: Annette Davis,  Larry McDill.  Shelia Hedrick,  Kolby Buffington, Fred May, Clay Pugh, Shanna Thrash Cumberland,  Don Johnson, Hugh Douglas, Kemper Gomillion, Wyatt Gomillion, Kameron Buffington, Shirley Boxx, Sada Sistrunk, Gloria Anderson, Kyndall Lee, Bert Gilmore, Brenda Joyce Abel, April Finton, Becky Mclain,Virginia Gould, Charles Breedlove, Debbie French, Teresa Breedlove, George Fisher, Carleton Thrash, Frances Loper, Ashley Landrum (Aleisa Johnson’s sister), Zack Embry (infant son of Vickie (Powe) and Joseph Embry, Sonny Howell, Johnny and Sue Thrash, my sister Gloria Boozer, Charlie Hardin, Sr.

Pray for each other. We all are in need of prayer as we face the difficulties of today’s society.

Happy birthday to the following people: Zywon Ogletree, Quinton Pullin, Heather Herrington, Mott Green, Justin Gilmore, Kayla Sullivan, Cedric Pace, Grant Comans, Lisa Grayson, and my daughter Jennifer Leigh Ann Jackson.

Thought to ponder: “Build someone up. Put their insecurities to sleep. Remind them they’re incredible. Be a light in a too often dim world.”