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Iona Prep Students

prepare for Summer Chess Camp


Our prayers are with the families of the late Cameron Fountain who was memorialized Saturday at Mapp Funeral Chapel, and Jessie Warnsley who was memorialized Saturday at Decatur Baptist.  Please keep their families in your prayers.

Please continue to remember our readers who are facing health challenges and are “under the weather.” Please remember Elder Brookie Longmire, of Cleveland, OH, in your prayers.

We enjoyed hearing from Mrs. Bonnie Russell Hodge who sounded great and reports that she and her mother, Mrs. Addie Russell, are doing well. 

We thank retiring Senator Thad Cochran for his 40 years of service to all Mississippians and for his leadership to the nation and state. We especially value and appreciate his friendship over the years.

Iona Prep students, parents and volunteers visited the Forest Library following their work session and viewed the Rev. Allen Cooks sketch collection. The youth were impressed with the sketches and boasted when they were able to recognize and identify the subjects.  His works received high marks from the students, parents and volunteers.

During Legacy’s Iona Prep session held at the Slaughter Library Saturday morning, students were introduced to the art of chess.  Mr. Henry Slaughter, Legacy mentor/ volunteer, Rashard Gray and Evany Gray shared tips of the game. Mr. Slaughter advised that the game of chess requires attention and planning as he compared it to life.  “Study your options before you make a move,” was his advice. Among those participating were Ariel Smith. Alexis Garcia, Tierra Marbuary, Sierra Marbuary, and Shaniyce Brown.  Rex Watts, Louise Washington, Constance Harvey, and Elizabeth Garcia observed and took notes. Special thanks to instructors Henry Slaughter, Rashard Gray, Evany Gray, and to parents for their presence and support!  If you are interested in Legacy’s Summer Chess Camp, please contact our office at 469-0990.

Members of the Nu Phi Zeta Sorority and Zeta Amicae attended the State Zeta Convention March 2nd – 4th at the Biloxi Coliseum.  The Zeta Amicae received a certificate for Z-Hope for School, Community, Church and St. Jude services performed during the year.  Congratulations to Mrs. Marquita Patrick, President of the Forest Zeta Amicae on receiving a trophy for Zeta Amicae State President of the Year! Way to go Mrs. Patrick!  Other Amicae attending were Mesdames Sylvia Kennedy, Constance McClendon, and Susie Boyd.

Legacy Mentoring parents met Sunday, March 12th at the Slaughter Library to initiate plans for their summer of adventure for their families. Participating in the meeting were Elizabeth Garcia, Louise Washington, Lesha Harper, Bettie Robinson, Rex Watts, Roshanek Gordon, Derek Davis, Keanna Harris, Concepcion Garcia, Lakeshia Fulton, Yolanda Mayers and Fred Patrick.

President Carl Lamb presided during the executive meeting of the Slaughter Subdivision Homeowners Association held Monday at the Slaughter Library.  Participating in this meeting were Lena Glenn, Mae Lizzie Jones, and Rita Wash. The next meeting of the association is Monday, April 2 at 5:30 instead of 5 p.m.  Contact President Lamb for additional information.

Creigton University students volunteered in Morton during their spring break and provided tutorial assistance to Morton Elementary and Bettye Mae Jack Middle Schools last week. These students were welcomed by Scott County Circuit Clerk Becky Gray during their visit to Legacy Education and Community Empowerment Foundation.  The welcome reception was held at the Slaughter Library and students received the traditional Legacy welcome with goody bags and pizza. Constance Slaughter-Harvey provided an overview of Mississippi and Evany Gray shared her views as a Tougaloo College student. Thanks to the Excel family for coordinating these visits. 

Attending the Tuesday night reception were Sister Eileen Hauswalden, and students Aaron Maan, Margo Scott, Mason Halouska, Allie Jones, Olivia Lutz, Savannah Oliver, Marah Miller, Hack Brenda, and Catherine LaRosa. Special appreciation and thanks to these youthful and cheerful volunteers!!!

Don’t forget to support the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life by purchasing Coke products from members of the Slaughter Library Relay for Life.  The deadline for placing order is this Friday, March 16th, so get on the ball and let’s find a cure for cancer.

Lynch Chapel U. M. Church held its Spring Revival Wednesday – Friday.  Evangelists were Rev. John Smith, Little Zion U. M. in Pelahatchie (“Being Real”); Rev. Jerry Glazier, Morton U. M. in Morton (“Growing Up to Be Like Our Heavenly Father”); and Rev. Anthony Riley, Greenwood U. M. in Carthage (Don’t Let Your Fire Go Out”). All messages were inspirational. Rev. Tony Ashford is the pastor.

The Scott County Training School/E. T. Hawkins High School Alumni Association will hold its next meeting Sunday, March 25th at 4:00 at the Odessa Graves Building – Forest Housing Authority.  All interested persons are invited to attend.  For additional details, contact President Susie Boyd.

Stakeholders in Save Our Youth Through Community Action will meet Monday March 26th at noon at the Slaughter Library. 

Legacy’s Health Is Wealth Luncheon will be held Thursday, March 22, 2018 at noon at the Slaughter Library.

Birthday greetings to March babies during the third week, namely,  Brittany Jones, Fredna Glover Warnsley (17), Greg Carter (19), Phameca Morgan and Brandy Rush (21), and Juanita Odom Banks, Maxie Glover Rasco and Myra Murrell Davis (23),

Answer to Women’s History Month Quiz Teaser #2018-1:  The late Lt. Governor Evelyn Gandy made history when she became the first female to hold the offices of State Treasurer, State Insurance Commissioner, State Public Welfare Commissioner and MS Lt. Governor.

Women’s History Month Quiz Teaser #2018-2:  Who was the first woman to run for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination?  Clue: She was the African American woman elected to the United States Congress.