Slaughter Library/Legacy Foundation


Our readers are urged to count your blessings
during this
Thanksgiving Season

A beautiful memorial was held for Mrs. Earnesteen Jones Wednesday, November 10th at Mt. Carmel M. B. Church in Sebastopol.  Rev. T. J. Dear is the pastor and Rev. Robert Johnson, Jr., her grandson, officiated and delivered the eulogy.
Constance Slaughter-Harvey was the mistress of ceremony and other program participants included Pastor Dear, Elder J. P. Viverette, granddaughters Kimberly Nicols and Brittany Evans, Rita Parker, and Rev. Johnny Sims who provided prayer and a beautiful homegoing musical selection.
Rev. Johnson, during his eulogy, recalled his grandmother’s words of wisdom and praised and thanked God for her life.  Ott & Lee Funeral Home was in charge.  Our prayers continue to be with her family, especially her children, Edna Fortune, Willie Lee, Catherleen Butterfield, Mary, James, Clayton, Geraldine, and Cassandra Pratt, and grandchildren.  Please remember them in your prayers.
Legacy’s Save Our Youth Through Community Action Stakeholders met Monday, November 13th at the Slaughter Library and addressed new program plans for saving the youth. Present at the luncheon meeting were Elmer Lowery, Andre Hollis, Jody Matheny, Henry Slaughter, Shonnette Kelley, Octavia Kincaid, Dorothy Pinkston, Constance Harvey and Andrew Crudup.
Community support was manifested during the Concord M. B. Church’s 145th Anniversary Banquet and Program last weekend.  The Banquet was held at One on One and Mrs. Diane Robinson was the hostess.  Rev. Reginald Pinkston and Ms. Sylvia Wilson were the program guides.
The guest speaker, Dennis Hayes, was introduced by his twin, Dewayne Hayes from Atlanta.  His message was most informative and historical. 
Other program participants included Mesdames Delore Nelson, Carolyn Knowles, Sherrie Wheaton, The Greater North Side Praise Team from Jackson.  Rev. Weathersby’s daughter, Frances, was one of the members of the Praise Team. Rev. Patrick recognized Mr. and Mrs. Henry (Evelyn) Williams, Sr. as the oldest members of the Church and they received expressions of appreciation.  Rev. Henry Patrick’s closing remarks highlighted the importance of church history and Christian discipleship.  It was a wonderful occasion and the hospitality and food were excellent.
On the following Sunday, the Anniversary attracted members and visitors from other churches who came to celebrate the 145th anniversary.  Mrs. Shonnette Kelley was the mistress of order and the Concord Multi-Generational Choir provided music that manifested the importance of the occasion and the St. John M. B. Church (Newton) Choir provided wonderful historic melodies as well.
Rev. Anthony Robinson, Pastor of St. John M. B. Church, was the guest speaker and he saluted the Concord family and encouraged them to continue their legacy. 
Other program participants included Delore Nelson, Dewaun Walker, Henry Williams, Carolyn Knowles, DaTodrick Pinkston, Bobby Thigpen, and Lisa Darby.  The Concord Youth Choir provided their usual youthful Christian expressions through music.  Rev. Henry Patrick humbly thanked those who have been a part of the Church’s journey and thanked God for 145 years of Christian fellowship. 
During the November meeting of Martha and Mary Ministry of St. Michael Catholic Community, members spoke with former president/founder, Roseann Lynn, via conference call. It was good hearing her voice and receiving suggestions and advice.  Our prayers are with Roseann during this season and ask that readers continue to remember her in our prayers since this is the first Thanksgiving she has spent without her mate of 63 years, John Lynn.
Thanksgiving expressions came early to the Morton Bettye Mae Jack (BMJ) students when the Iowa Creighton University students travelled to Excel to share their talents. The BMJ students enjoyed the special tutorial and loving attention given them by Creighton students, including Olivia Langton, Grant Parsons, Margo Scott, Madisyh Young, Will J. Mann, Ellen Daubunk and Grace Larsen.  A Gift of Thanksgiving from Creighton students to BMJ students and what a gift!
Happy birthday greetings to babies born during the last two weeks of November, namely, Justin Mapp, Angela Moore, Teresa Walton, Benny McCurdy, and Stella Smith (14), Keilan Ragland (15) Keyidra Jones, Ronald Burks, and Kaneisha Hunt, (17), Brittany McClendon and Brian Major (19), Tyesha Smith, Keilan Ware, Kaeon Robinson and Lavetta Van Buren (21), Marquita Patrick (23), James W. Crudup (24), Dorothy Mae Jones and Brett Hollingsworth (25), Louella McConnell and Emmitt Melvin (26),  Rev. Henry Patrick and Ephraim Ringo (27), and Dr. Selika Sweet, Hallie Milsap and Francis Patrick (30).
Our prayers are that you and your family enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday and that you remember to thank God for your many blessings and remember to share those blessings with others.
Answer to Quiz Teaser # 431:  Dr. Daniel Gambrell, who recently transitioned in Houston, TX, was the first African American physician to practice medicine in Scott County when he opened Gambrell Medical Clinic in Forest across from Lackey Memorial Hospital.  Mrs. Charity Jones Robinson provided the correct response.  Congratulations!
Quiz Teaser # 432: Who is the first African American to serve as Sales, Service Distribution Associate/Postal Clerk/Acting Postmaster in Morton, MS?