Union Grove/ Steele News


Congratulations to the Scott Central Rebels

Fifth Sunday Service in October will be held at Union Grove U.M.C. Service will begin at 11:00 a.m.  Theme for that Sunday will be “Friends and Family Together in Church”. All members are asked to invite family and friends. We would like for everyone to wear your family reunion t-shirt or your church t-shirt.  Please remember the sick, shut-in and bereaved members of our church and community. 
Our Sebastopol Bobcats fell to the Leake Co. Gators this past Friday.  But those Scott Central Rebels are continuing on with their winning streak with a victory over Union.  Congrats to those Rebels. I also would like to commend the Head Coach of the SC Rebels.  I have watch some of the footage loaded onto social media of the locker room talks.  He is very encouraging, not degrading the opponents, but encouraging those kids to be the best they can be.
Word from Pastor Mann, Often when we think about this verse we think about it in the context of holding still and not moving in a situation, being still and not doing anything but instead wait and let God move in it. It does mean that. There are times when we don't need to try to take care of it on our own but wait and let the Lord do it. But I want to look at another side of this verse this morning.
"Be still and know that I am God". When was the last time you were still in His presence? When was the last time you went to Him in prayer and sit still long enough for Him to speak to you? When you are in prayer, do you give Him your list of wants, needs and desires and then that is the end of it-- you're up and gone? 
When we will take the time to sit still (be still) long enough, we will know that He is God. It will be in those still, unrushed, unhurried, being quiet, patiently waiting times that we discover more about this awesome, amazing and wonderful God. When we will be still long enough to give Him the opportunity to speak, He will reveal Himself to us. We will discover much about Him that we didn't know. We will know, not only more about Him, but truly get to know Him.
Take time each day to be still in His presence. As you do, you will get a knowing in your "knower" that He truly is God.