Union Grove/ Steele News


Union Grove Usher Day is March 18

Thanks to everyone who participated in The Great American Cleanup. Thanks to those who donated money, items, and time. And special thanks to all the kids and young adults who took time from their Spring Break to help with this project.

Spring Revival kicked off at Union Grove United Methodist Church. Pastor Shepard conducted morning service from Isiah 43:19 with a subject “God Will Make A Way Out of No Way.” Afternoon Service was conducted by Pastor Willie Robinson who came from Matthew 7:1-5 with a subject “There Is Something In My Eye.”

Union Grove MBC will host it Usher Day on March 18 at 2p.m.

Little Rock MBC will have Church Family Feud tonight at 6 p.m. Categories include The Bible and Black History. Area churches, youth, parents, family and friends are invited.

Mt. Carmel Baptist Church in Sebastopol will host its Spring Revival starting Sunday March 18 continuing through March 21. Services start at 7 each night with Pastor TJ Dear, Pastor Jermaine Jones, and Pastor Sheldon Thomas as speakers.

Community Prayer Service will be at Hillsboro Baptist Church on March 18 at 2 p.m.

Union Grove/Sylvester UMC will start daytime bible study beginning April 4th at Sylvester UMC. This bible study is an opportunity for those who don’t drive at night, senior citizens or those who work at night to attend bible study. You are more than welcome to attend.

I leave you with this prayer: Lord, we ask you to open our eyes that we may value and appreciate all people, recognizing what we have in common rather than focusing on what our differences might be. Inspire us to distinguish between what is important and what is not, and open our minds and hearts that we may always be people of good will who bring life and joy to others. Amen.