Preparing the child is Number 1 goal


By Tim Geter


It was once said by Brigham Young, “you educate a man, you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.” Mary Lauren Dilly is a young woman whose ambition and dreams are to educate young people and mold them into educated men and women.

When Dilly graduated from high school, she was unsure of what career path she wanted to take. She said, “The only thing I knew was that I wanted a career that focused on children and their well-being.”

Growing up, she always had a passion to work with children. “I have worked in my church nursery, baby sat, worked numerous Vacation Bible Schools, and worked at a daycare in which I currently work at during the summers,” she said. “After working at the daycare for a couple of summers, I thought that I wanted to open my own daycare one day so I chose child development as a focus.”

One day, while she was at work at the daycare, she was speaking with her boss about what she was planning on majoring in and what type of education she would need to fulfill that dream.

“She and I spoke for a while and she explained that if I went into elementary education, I could get an endorsement in early childhood,” Dilly explained. “After a lot of praying and talking with God, I decided I was called to select the major of early childhood elementary education.” This meant that she could teach up to sixth grade and then social studies up to eighth grade.

Subsequently, once she began her education courses at Mississippi State University, she knew ultimately that this was her calling. After a long and difficult few years, she graduated and “I could not be happier,” she said.

The week after she graduated, she was offered a position at Morton Elementary School as a kindergarten teacher and “I feel that God has shown me my new home. I absolutely love my students and the people I work with. There were many people that made this possible for me and kept me going when times got rough but the most important people were my mom, Marce, my dad, Keith, and my now fiancé, Cody.

“Above all, my God brought me through. I leaned on him throughout my entire college career and will continue as I fulfill the plans He has for me.”

Teaching takes an inspired heart. A teacher is a motivator and a mentor. Preparing a child for the future is Dilly’s number one goal.