Lake schools receive the MBS 2017 Blood Drive Coordinators Award

Mississippi Blood Services held their annual meeting and awards presentation on Thursday, January 25, at their headquarters in Flowood. Mississippi Blood Services knows that blood donors are the essential ingredient of the organization. All the state of the art equipment, a fleet of coaches, and the biggest building on the street are useless without blood donors.  It always comes down to the individual donor to get that needed unit of blood, but MBS takes one night out of the year to recognize those groups and individuals who put in that extra effort to ensure there is an adequate and safe blood supply for Mississippi’s patients.

The principal of Lake Elementary challenged the principal of Lake High School to a duel, of sorts, to see which school could get the most units of blood. Lake High School lost, and their principal took a pie in the face. However, like any good rivalry, Lake High School demanded a rematch and won the second round! The administration at Lake Elementary School and Lake High School go out of their way to make sure blood drives are fun and students are challenged to participate. This is why Lake Elementary and Lake High School are the 2017 MBS Blood Drive Committee of the Year. Danielle Yarbrough, Lake High School Librarian and Lee Killen, Lake High School Principal accepted the award.