Rare December snow storm blankets county


Winter Storm Benji pushed across much of the Magnolia State last Friday dumping record high snow in some places. Forest and the surrounding areas received around 4 to 5 inches of the white stuff. The Mississippi Department of Transportation reported substantial amounts of ice and snow on roads and bridges throughout the central and southern part of the state. MDOT sent out an update early Friday morning reporting that “crews were working to keep roads safe and passable throughout central and south Mississippi,” also that they were placing salt and slag over the effected areas.
In spite of all the warnings and reports, it was a beautiful site in Forest. Snow topped the buildings and gently laid a white blanket over the grass along the sidewalks and especially Town Square Park. With the lights streaming across Main Street and snow falling it looked as if Forest had been transformed into a Winter Wonderland. People out shouting with joy; throwing snow balls at each other, laughing and playing. When the children got out of school; oh what a joy it was for so many children right before Christmas.
So, how does snow in Mississippi occur one may ask? According to an article by the Weather Channel, the winter dip in jet streams allowed polar air to surge south and form in it the cold, dry air which has cold enough tempratures to form snow, sleet, and of course something everyone is familiar with, freezing rain. Subsequently, when warm air filled with moisture coming from the Gulf of Mexico flows north this warm moist air then counters with the cold dry air from the north, hence, causing snow storms such as Benji to occur.


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