Two inducted into 2018 Scott Regional Hall of Fame

Doye Poole and Charles Bobbitt were inducted in the Scott Regional Hospital 2018 Hall of Fame during the Milestone Ceremony and Reception held on February 21st.

Poole worked at West Scott Baptist Hospital in maintenance until it closed in 1989. When the hospital was reopened in 1993 as Scott Regional Hospital, he was the first employee to return. He was named Employee of the Year in 1994.

Poole is credited for being able to do anything and is known as a jack of all trades. If he can’t do it, he knows who to call to get the job done. He retired as maintenance director on December 28, 2011.

Always willing to be of assistance, Poole returned to help when needed and continues to take calls every other weekend and helps at any time, 24/7, day or night.

Poole, a resident of Morton, graduated from Morton High School. He and wife Mary Ann, have three children, Gary, Ruby Ann, and Keri. They have several grandchildren.

Poole has always had a passion for the outdoors. He enjoys gardening with Mary Ann and enjoys fishing with the grandchildren and riding with them on his side by side and golf cart. He likes hunting, especially with his dogs and enjoys his donkeys and horses. Poole likes antique furniture and has restored several pieces. He also enjoys restoring old tractors.

Heather Davis, Hospital Administrator said, “Doyle is very near and dear to my heart, not only professionally, but also personally. I was just a kid when I started at Scott Regional Hospital — “Little Heather” was the nickname he gave me. He has always gone out of his way to help me, no matter what I needed.”

Bobbitt began his career at Scott Regional Hospital in May 1994 working in the purchasing/central supply department. He has been named employee of the month on numerous occasions and was named Employee of the Year in 1995.

In 2005 he was named Director of the Central Supply Department and has served in that capacity ever since. In 2007 he was named Director of the Year.

Bobbitt is responsible for purchasing supplies and equipment for the hospital , as well as overseeing the maintenance department and numerous other duties. He is a dedicated employee and takes his position at the hospital very seriously. He is always willing to help in any way that he can.

   Bobbitt is a graduate of Forest High School, East Central Junior College and Hinds Junior College. He  and his wife, Lourie, live in Madison, and they have a daughter, Bre. In his spare time, Bobbitt enjoys football, fishing, gardening, grilling, and farming.

“Charles is one of the most loyal employees I have ever had. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for me or this hospital. The answer is always ‘I’m on it Boss!’ If there is a problem, Charles is most likely involved in fixing it. Nothing is outside of his job description and he always goes the extra mile. He always sees the big picture of what needs to be done and is proactive in doing it. I cannot express my gratitude to what he means to me and to this hospital,” Davis said.