Volunteers handle the bulk of the work at Crudup Ward Food Pantry


The Crudup Ward Food Pantry located in the Crudup Ward building on Longview Street, just off Hill Street in Forest has been providing for those in need with low income since 2005.

“So many people without income and those who have a job but are paid with a low salary are helped through this wonderful program,” Mammie Crudup said.

The food pantry allows those in need to pick up boxes filled with can goods, cereal, and much more. Volunteers help carry the boxes to the vehicles.

When arriving at the facility clients will receive a card with a number on it. They will then be called into small groups according to the numbers.

Mattie Evans, Office Administrator for the Department of Public Human Services, said that “so many people are in need in our town and if someone wants to come by and gather goods that they may not otherwise have then, we will never turn them away.”

Not only does the food pantry help those who are in need and have low income the program also helps those who may lose there home to a disaster.

“We serve a diversity of people. Not only do we help those with low income and may not have the opportunity to support their family but we also help those who have lost their homes in a fire,” Annie “Crudup Ward” Lowry said.

Every last Thursday of the month the Crudup Food Pantry opens the door for families who need help. The food pantry helps 150 to 200 people a month.

Selflessness plays a very important role when helping those who are not so fortunate and in dire need of food.

Lowry Concluded, “We couldn’t do this without our wonderful volunteers. Most of our volunteers are retired educators. We have 16 volunteers who faithfully come out every month to help give to these people of our town.”