It’s Forest 37, Morton 11 in the Battle for the Golden Chicken


The atmosphere was heated as next-door neighbors Forest and Morton battled it out to see who could claim the “W” in the Battle for the Golden Chicken last Friday night at Bearcats Stadium.

The Forest Bearcats claimed a 37-11 victory over the Morton Panthers. Slow to start, the Bearcats and Panthers each only scored once in the first half. Forest brought the fire in the second half and scored four more times, while Morton only scored a second time.
The first quarter was back and forth for the first eight minutes until the Panthers booted in a field goal. The Bearcats took their time before they scored any points, waiting until the second quarter. The first quarter ended with a score of Morton 3, Forest 0. The Bearcats were only just warming up.
Forest scored its first touchdown in the second quarter with two minutes to go. The completed touchdown pass was followed by a good point after. By the end of the half, the score of Morton 3, Forest 7. Both teams took advantage of the break and came out back to the field with both barrels loaded.
Morton kicked off to Forest to start the third quarter. The Bearcats spent time driving the ball and ended with a completed touchdown pass and good extra point, which brought the score up to Morton 3, Forest 13. Morton answered with a touchdown of the rushing variety, and even converted for two points. The score at the end of the third quarter was Morton 11, Forest 14.
Forest reloaded and opened fire early on in the fourth quarter with a rushing touchdown, and kicked in the extra point. The Bearcats scored two more times to end the game with a score of 35 to Morton’s 11.
Out of the nine passes attempted by the Bearcats offense, five were completed for 72 yards. On 38 rushed attempts the Bearcats earned 234 yards. Of the five touchdowns that were made by the Bearcats, three were passes that were received for touchdowns and two of the touchdowns were rushed.
On Friday the 27th of October the Bearcats travel to Kemper County to face their Wildcats. The Bearcats now have a 7-3 record and are ranked fourth in the 3A division and 52nd in the state of Mississippi. The Wildcats’ record is 2-7 and they are ranked 25th in the 3A division and 170th in the state of Mississippi.
The Panthers (5-5) head out to Kosciusko to go head-to-head with their Whippets (2-8). Though their record is unimpressive, the Whippets are ranked 25th in the 4A division, and the Panthers are ranked 19th in the 3A division and would do well to keep their guard up.