Sebastopol VS Leake County: A Tale of Two Halves


Bobcats fall 40-20 at home

On their home field, the Sebastopol Bobcats lost 40 to 20 in their game against the Leake County Gators last Friday night.

Coach Jason Greene deemed the game “A Tale of Two Halves,” because “We were sleepwalking the first half. For whatever reason, there was no intensity. In the second half, we out-played  Leake County, but had dug too big of a hole to get out of.”
Coach Greene added, “The Gators came in and brought it to us from the start and jumped out big.” In the first quarter, the Gators scored two touchdowns, a 28-yarder, and an 86-yarder.
The second half was a whopper, as the Gators scored another twelve points. Coach Greene said, “Offensively our game was better, but defensively we took a step back.” The Bobcats did score a touchdown in the second quarter, which seems to have been their wake-up call, because they came alive in the second half. The score at the end of the half was Leake County 40, and Sebastopol 6.
A turning point occurred at the start of the second half. The Bobcats defense really picked up the slack and kept the Gators from scoring any points in the third quarter. The Bobcats did score another touchdown, marginally closing the lead gap. The third quarter ended with a score of 40-12, Gators.
The fourth quarter continued the same way as the third, with the Bobcats scoring a touchdown, and the Gators being kept silent on the scoreboard. The final score of the game was Sebastopol 20, and Leake Central 40. Had the Bobcats played the whole game the way they played the second half, the results could have been quite different.
Out of 15 total pass attempts, six were completed by the Bobcats for 159 yards. Two of the six completed passes were touchdown passes. On 36 carries, the Bobcats rushed for 212 yards. Offensively, on the night, the Bobcats had 371 total yards. With 24 solo, and 44 assisted, the Bobcats made 68 total tackles against the Gators.
This week, Sebastopol (3-5) will travel to Hamilton (3-4) to tussle with their Lions. Coach Greene said that the Bobcats will be focusing on intensity from start to finish against the Lions. The amount of effort given dictates the results.