Be an informed voter


Dear Editor:


President Donald J. Trump is doing everything he promised he would do when he was running for president. That’s a very different and a very refreshing contrast to what we had with George Bush and Barrack Obama for the past sixteen years of former Presidents.

Drug Court works

Dear Editor:

It is with great pleasure that I announce the May, 2018 graduation ceremony of the Eighth Judicial Drug Court, Problem Solving Court. We will graduate approximately 15 participants and advance a significant number of others into Phases III, IV and V. The Drug Court currently has approximately 340 participants.

Fire Sessions

Dear Editor:

While there have been notable accomplishments during his administration, President Donald J. Trump blundered badly when he appointed Jeff Sessions as United States Attorney General.

Wake up Democrats

Dear Editor:

Why would anyone want to kill the goose which has been laying the golden eggs thus far in the Trump administration?

However, that is exactly what will happen in the event  the Democrats regain control of the U.S. Senate and House in the upcoming mid-term election in November.

Churches be vigilant

Dear Editor:

The Former members of the United Methodist Church in Louisville, Mississippi, are to be congratulated for their decision to dissolve their relationship with that denomination which has become apostate.