Letter to the Editor

Dear News Editor:
In response to your support on a Local Option Sales Tax, I have a few rebuttal points. (Dustin Whitlock, Newsroom Notes, August 16, 2017)
First, your argument for the tax, is that more than just Forest residents will be paying this tax. Lake, Raleigh, Morton, Hillsboro, Homewood and others will also be paying extra for goods and services in the city limits without a vote in the process.
Any decent economist will tell you if you charge people more in one location, and less in another, people will take their business to the cheaper town. This is the prime reason that leaders in the legislature are against LOST. You are adding a tax to people without giving them a vote on whether they want to pay it or not.
Second, you state that a good use of this money would be to build Amphitheaters and Drive-in theaters. These are two things that should be left up to the private sector. If there is a true demand and they can be viewed as a profitable endeavors, they will get built by private investors.
When governments get involved in investments like this, they usually turn out as huge burdens on the tax payer. You don’t have to look past Pearl to see the strain their city is facing paying for the Braves stadium.
The most recent poll of citizens of Forest will tell you that the biggest need of our city to attract growth, is more quality dine-in restaurants, but that’s an argument for another day.
I’m happy to see you in your new position, but we just have different opinions on this point. Thank you and good luck on your new job.
Vance Cox
Dear Editor:
There is so much national attention on racism, and alt-right/alt left, and Neo Nazi extremism, it has become frightening. I am proud to live in Scott County. We have a diverse group of citizens that coexist and have demonstrated a desire to come together for events,  and causes that benefit our area.
Being a part of this great county carries great responsibilities on everyone’s part. We must put forth the effort to ensure that the atrocities we see happening in other parts of our country never happen here.
We have friendly neighbors with a desire to work hard, and support their families. we live peaceably together, hold the door open for each other, and still stop in the aisle of the grocery store and speak to strangers, regardless of color or nationality.
I would like to suggest one possible solution to help calm the racial tension in America today.
Drop the hyphen!
While heritage is an important part of our history, and I am in no way suggesting we abandon our culture, is the hyphen necessary?
Instead of some being Irish-American, others African-American, and some Native-American and one group Mexican-American, why not just drop the hyphen and be an American!
We live in a great nation. As a country we have experienced it all. The good, bad, and the ugly. It is time to move forward and quit dwelling on past mistakes that cannot be undone. History cannot be re-written. But lessons are learned. God made us all, and it pleases Him when we exhibit Christ like behavior toward each other.
Psalm 133:1 “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to well together in unity.”
Reggie Williams