All for one and one for all, four troops working together

All four troops within the Scott County Girl Scouts Service Unit are rolling up their shirt sleeves and working together as one to host the Pink Awareness Walk in Gaddis Park on October 21. Pamela Smith, Girl Scout Service Unit Manager, said, “ Sonja Hopkins, Membership Specialist – Meridian, encouraged us at our Service Unit Meeting to start doing stuff together as one unit. The Walk will be the first event we will be doing together in unity.”

Those words of encouragement sparked this group troop approach to the Pink Awareness Walk and created the opportunity for all the Scott County Girl Scouts to get together, get to know each other even better, and get four times more effort, input, and output than ever before. The Scott County Girl Scouts Service Unit consists of:
Troop # 5880 – Shelia Spivey, Troop Leader – 23 Scouts; Troop #3260 – Renee Crimm, Troop Leader – 6 Scouts; Troop #3205 – April Jennings, Troop Leader – 12 Scouts; and Troop #3268 – Jomiski Nelson, Troop Leader – 6 Scouts.
Girl Scouting is available for all ages: Daisy (K-1st grade), Brownie (2nd – 3rd grade), Junior (4th-5th grade), Cadet (6th – 8th grade), Seniors (9th – 10th grade), and Ambassador (11th – 12th grade).
Organizers say don’t delay. Get involved in Girl Scouts. Why not begin at the start line of the Pink Awareness Walk this weekend?