Fire Chief raises concerns over vehicles parked on city streets

At the meeting of the Forest City Council on Wednesday, July 5, Fire Chief, Jason Tillman raised concern about space on streets being an issue for the fire trucks due to vehicles parked along the avenues.
Tillman told The Times on Friday, “We have seen a significant increase in the number of residents parking their vehicles on residential streets.” 
Tillman was concerned about the danger of the trucks being unable to reach residencies due to the cars parked on the sides of the roads.
Tillman said, “In the event of an emergency, these parked vehicles impede our trucks.”
Tillman said, “Residential streets are often times more narrow than commercial areas and given the size of our apparatus, any obstructions can essentially block our access.”
Tillman informed the paper that there are codes and statutes in place that strictly regulate and prohibit the parking of cars and trucks on residential streets specifically to ensure accessibility of emergency vehicles.
“These codes and statutes allow for the towing of any violating vehicles at the owner’s expense,” Tillman said.