Forest, Scott County Times lose a family member

For a writer, the idea of retiring never takes root. Once a writer, one must write until the end; knowing that some piece at some point will be thelast piece, and it may even be left incomplete.
Maybeth Ormond’s last Forest News column was submitted to this newspaper on Thursday, August 3 by her daughter Loren and was followed by a private message that Maybeth had suffered a fall while visiting her other surviving daughter, Jan in Hartford Conn. and was resting comfortably in Hartford Hospital. Ormond passed away on Friday, August 4 in Hartford.
Ormond was born on March 29, 1919 in Athens, Ga. She passed away just two years shy of 100. Among other things, she was the first drum major at Forest High School and was the May Queen of Belhaven in 1939. Ormond graduated from Belhaven with a Bachelor of Arts in 1940.
She married Oliver Ormond who joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation and then the Central Intelligence Agency. The family then moved to Anaco, Venezuela where Oliver worked for Socony-Mobil Oil Co.
In 1957, Ormond’s husband, Oliver was killed in an airplane crash in South America. The Ormond family returned from Venezuela to Forest, and Ormond took over the society column in The Scott County Times from her relative, Willie Mae Mitchell. She continued to write for the paper for nearly 50 years.