Residency deadline approaches for school district

Parents of Scott County students must supply proof of residence for the upcoming school year from July 26-27. Two documents are required for proof of residence. Documents signifying proof of residency within Scott County must have the parent or guardian’s name on it and must be dated after June 1, 2017. Items that will be accepted include:
• Home mortgage documents or property deed
• Rental/lead agreement for house or apartment
• Utility bill (only one may be submitted, but no cell phone bills will be accepted)
• Food stamp certification
• Medicare or Medicaid information
• Insurance policy on a house or apartment
• Automobile tag receipt (only one may be submitted)
• Driver’s license (must be submitted with a utility bill)
All schools under the Scott County School District will be open 8 a.m. until 6 p.m., Wednesday, July 26 and Thursday, July 27. Parents will need to present their documents at the following locations:
• Sebastopol Attendance Center- Tech Building, Room 401
• Scott Central Attendance Center- High School Library
• Morton Elementary- Main Hall, Room 1
• Bettye Mae Jack Middle School- Counselor’s Office
• Morton High School- High School Office
• Lake Elementary School- Elementary Library
• Lake Middle School- School Office
• Lake High School- High School Library
7th Graders Require New Vaccinations
A mandate from the Mississippi State Health Department requires that students entering the seventh grade must receive the Tdap vaccination (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis).
The Tdap vaccination is available at health department clinics and through all Vaccine for Children providers.
Proof of immunization, a Form 121, must be submitted to the school to affirm that your child has received immunization for the start of the seventh grade. The Form 121 may be turned in at the time of registration.