Residents warned to keep eye out for suspicious characters


Just outside of Lake city limits, at least four instances occurred between Friday, November 3 and Sunday, November 5, where suspicious individuals pulled to the side of the road in front of area businesses and homes, propped the hood up on their vehicle under the guise of having car trouble, and spent an unusual amount of time there. One local resident who wished to remain anonymous for safety’s sake said, “it looked to me like they were scoping the place out.”

Two similar instances were reported inside the Forest city limits, as well. Forest Police Chief, Will Jones said, “Fortunately, we haven’t had a lot of that. Businesses here know how to take care of themselves. They use alarms and preventative guidelines on what to do and what not to do. Of course, our officers will continue to observe and patrol. Around the holidays, we have an increased presence anyway. People can see us. They know we are there. Everyone just needs to be alert to their surroundings, take precautions and stay safe.”
An unrelated report shows that the Forest Police Department October Activity Report shows suspicious vehicles/persons at 29, down by six. Year to Date the officers have patrolled 110,791 miles; 10, 684 of those miles in October.
There were 379 calls, down by 12; and 113 citations issued, down by 97. There were 62 escorts, up by 16, 32 alarm activations, down by 2, 15 stalled vehicles, up by 2, 1 fire, down by 4, 8 medical assistance, up by 2, 25 welfare/well-being, up by 12, 23 unlocks, down by 7, 56 disturbance/fights, down by 25, no robberies, 7 shoplifting, up by two, 5 breaking & entering, up by three, 5 DUI or possible DUI, down by 1, 4 public intoxication, down by 1, 11 thefts, up by three, and 31 general assistance, down by 8.
The public is encouraged to call The Forest Police Department at (601) 469-4141 or the Scott County Sheriff’s Department at (601) 469-1511 to report any suspicious activity.