Forest News

 Happy Birthday:
Sept. 27  Addison Kate Vowell, Lois Coulter, Daniel Kaskie, Mark Kelly, Truitt Posey, Dewayne Windham, Martha Ray, Jane Tadlock, Mitchell McGee, Kip Jones
Sept. 28  Sharon Baggett, Jim Durham, Scotty Warren, Medero B. Carr, Jeff McAdory, Bryant Risher, Billy Healy, Amy Fountain, J. D. Smith, Heather Kelly, Ann Williamson
Sept. 29  W. Warren Wallace, Gina Lackey Thompson, Larie Gatewood Allen, Mike Kihn, Jo Anna Bailey, Bridget Black, Amanda Warren Simmons, Jimmy Jones, Merlene Waltman, Mrs. Clyde Little, Jason Eason, Terry Hawkins, Samantha Cooksey, Michelle Hayman, Kimberly Black
Sept. 30  Harold Russell, Jack Walls, Johnny Bell, Brian Payne, W. J. Shoemaker, Allen McMurphy Burns, Bethany Nicole Autry, George Gilmore, Mitzi Rogers, Glenn McConnell, Polly Shirley, Tena Calhoun.
Oct. 1  Jackie Lee, John Herron, Dena O’Bannon Risher, Betty Jo Maxwell, Will Jones, Jennifer Brantley, Nelda Tyree, Tamara Pearce, Pam S. Jones, Geof Morris, Charles J. Anderson, Jeff Emmons.
Oct. 2  Missy McKibbens  Roper, Pam Pryor Wallace, Mark Gerald, Jimmy W. McDill, Anthony Hollingsworth, Brooke Mitchell, Sonny Sparks, Terry Sims, Chris Baker
Oct. 3  Linda Wilkerson Jefcoat, Kevin Stewart, Grady Austin II, Jack Kihn, Charles Hall, Susan Myers, Louise Harrell, Wilma Robinson, Page Warren, Julie Elise Sparks, Anse Rigby, Roy Windham, Cody Walters

You surely won't want to miss the Wing Dang Doodle,  Saturday, September 30, at Gaddis Park.  A special feature this year will be
“Terrifically Talented Showcase,” from 8:00-10:00 a.m., sponsored by Forest Community Arts. The nine acts will include Kylie and Brynnley Powell, Calei Gilstrap,  pianists; Ethan Powell, cellist; Lucy Harper, Anita Webb, Jennifer Dilley, Logan Steptoe and Lilly Herring, vocalists; Bob Cesaro and Anse Rigby, guitarists and a variety of music by the Walter Patrick family. Hope you will be there!!
Happy, happy birthday to Ruth Marty, mother of Zoe Brumfield, who enjoyed a festive celebration honoring her 102nd birthday at Lackey Convalescent Home in Forest recently with her extended family.  Congratulations!!
Dr. Jimmy Hollingsworth was in Birmingham last weekend to attend the 5th District Caucus of the America Dental Association.  Following the meeting on Saturday Jimmy headed back to Starkville to join Sharon and Abby for the MSU/LSU game.
We were certainly saddened to learn of the unexpected death of Gwin Whatley. Some of us still remember her as that popular FHS cheerleader, cheering for Bernie, and other Bearcats in the early sixties.
She is survived by one son, Bernie M. Whatley (Watts and Paula Gray Whatley) of Brandon, her mother, Margaret Massey Crimm and brother, Lee Crimm (Mary Ann), of Forest, granddaughters, Anna Kathryn Whatley, Alison Claire Whatley, and Madeline Freeman, and grandsons, Bo Whatley and Will Freeman; three nieces, Lee Anna Crimm and Beth Bell Foreman, both of Forest, and Nichole Robinson of Brandon. Gwin was preceded in death by her father, Clyde Crimm and husband, Bernie M Whatley.
Gene and Dianne R. Walker attended the Mississippi State game last Saturday to see the Bulldogs victory over LSU.
Zoe Brumfield recently played her bagpipes for the St. Andrew's Cathedral 9/11 Memorial Service in Jackson, as well as for the Forest Library’s “Outlander Immersion” event.
Kudos to Southwest Airlines, who, after the 7.1 earthquake, flew 100 previously ticketed Mexican nationals quietly into Mexico City late Tuesday night, to help their families, after earlier flights had been diverted.  The SWA plane quickly loaded son-in-law, Terry Sims and four other SWA crew members, stranded in the city following the disaster. Quite some stories they have to tell!
Donna and Ricky Hunt have had a busy September! The first half of the month, they spent in Germantown, Tennessee, following the birth of adorable Adeline, who joined the family of daughter Lauren and her husband Jonathan Lunati on September 2. They hardly were in town again before they were off again for a long weekend in Rochester, Minnesota, with their daughter Leslie and her husband Jordan Gunn (of  Lake).  They  enjoyed visiting and painted a nursery for their baby (a son!) who is expected in January!  Such fun!!
Flu season is upon us, and several in our family have already been sick with a “new strand”, so consider taking the flu shot soon! Check with your doctor or pharmacy today. Wish we had...
Thanks so much for those sending news this week! Look forward to hearing from all of you again soon. Please email your news to We want to hear from you!!