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Old Glory!
May she ever wave

This past weekend has caused many heavy hearts to see protests being made by NFL players and their  supporters by not standing during the National Anthem.  Some are claiming it’s really not about the flag, it’s just bringing attention to their racial agenda.  In my opinion, they took a stab at the very heart of all of our freedoms, for all races! 
If you disrespect our flag, you disrespect all those who have fought for our country, the parents, wives and children of all those that given the utmost sacrifice for those soldiers and liberties we hold dear! Those who disrespect our flag, have never been handed a folded one!
If I were a fan of football, I would not attend the NFL games or turn my TV on their games.  I am not sure people realize that when you watch a program it goes into a counting file that gives a total of all viewer’s. This is where it could do the most good, in their pocket book, letting them know your objection to their behavior.
EBC NEWS: October 2-5 is our week to work at the Carlisle Crisis Center. The center is in need of Bibles, not New Testaments. (If you have any extra Bibles around your house please bring them to church to help with this need); we are hosting the annual  Scott County Baptist Association meeting on Monday, October 16th. at 6:30 pm; October 28-29 we will be presenting Judgement House; October 31 is Trunk or Treat night.
Prayer needs: Wayland Webb, Jr, Kenneth James, Luke Potratz, Mary Ann Myers, Harmon Lathem and Judy Walsh. Sincere sympathy to the families of Gwen Crimm Whatley, Christine Crimm Burney, Todd Lawson and Tommy Woodfin in their loss of loved ones.
“Expert: Put donations to best use.” An article this past week by CEO of Baptist Global Response, Jeff Palmer, “It is more effective to buy goods near areas where a particular disaster as it drastically reduces shipping cost and stimulates the local economy. Coordinating responses with Baptist partners in disaster zones improves distribution by making sure the neediest people is helped.”
“Mickey Caison reported seeing vehicles — vans, pick-up’s, rental trucks and 18 wheelers riding around trying to find some place to give goods they have collected in other places. Buying gift cards and bank cards that allow survivors to purchase their own choice of goods is an option.  It’s not the ‘first two weeks of everything normal’ as thousands of these families are going to be struggling for years to get back into their homes. These donations do that.”
One major relief agency was seen dumping donated articles in the trash when they were getting ready to leave Houston.  While it is disheartening to know this is happening, from a business standpoint, they don’t have an available warehouse to leave it in.
The Ms. Entergy group left Florida this past weekend to return home.  I am happy they had no major accidents.  On a personal note, I am glad my grandson, Luke Thompson got home safe after almost a month working in Houston and all over Florida!
Did you know that SUGAR is 8 times more addictive than Cocaine?  What’s interesting is while Cocaine and Heroin activate only ONE spot for pleasure in the brain, SUGAR lights up the brain like a PINBALL MACHINE!  This is the reason that all the cakes and pies, that most Southerner’s love, makes us want more!
“Never regret anything that has happened in your life.  It cannot be changed, undone or forgotten. Just keep it as a lesson learned and move on. Don’t wait for things to get easier/simpler as life will always be complicated.  Learn to be happy right now!  Otherwise, you will run out of time!”
Have a God blessed week and share it with others.