Thelma Keyes

We all need assistance

Good Morning/Evening!
“Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?” (Job 2:10)
Reading the book of Job this time around, reminded me of my childhood. The part I can remember and the part my mother told me about... Like Job, in my very young life my body was afflicted in similar ways as his, to the point that some of the well meaning folk told my mother to stop wasting money on doctor visits for me. I thank God she did not take their advice, but kept praying and seeking help. A mother’s love for her children is liken that which God has for us, she does all she can.
I can remember some of the hardships she suffered for my sake. Through the prayers of her and my Aunt Fannie, God led us to a meeting of committed Christians with Job-Faith one night and the healing process began. I look at me now and know I have no reason to doubt the power of a sincere prayer to an all powerful God.
The Lord uses trials, teaching us how to trust Him, depend on Him and surrender to Him as He enables us to persevere through the storms Through it all, yes I have made many mistakes, learning from most of them and never forgetting who is in charge of my life, (God), and I reached up and asked for forgiveness and to be in His arms of love!
Sunday morning worship service was encouraging, and the message came from John 3:16; subject - “God’s Love for a Perishing World”, was delivered by Rev. A. Henderson. It was nice to have the support of Minister J. Chambers and Minister D. Davis in the pulpit.
Our prayer request names: Renee Peteet; Joel Hunt; Eugene Odom; Sheila Hunt; Dora Hunt; Hattie Spivey; Rev. Derrick Lucious; Joe Townsend; Dottie Sue Williams; Terry Moncrief; Gracie Evans; Nancy Hughes; Charles Bradford; Resa Young; Ethel Coleman; Bobby Joe Harrison; Mary Smith and all their caregivers.
Families in sorrow, Lee; Washington; Flores/Bradford; McDonald; Lewis/Boone; and Burks.
Please keep them all lifted in your prayers and thoughts.
Remember that we all have been or will be in need of assistance in one way or another, so show compassion to your neighbors as the Holy Spirit comforted you in the past.