Bearcats tame the Tigers of Southeast Lauderdale 47-7


Bearcat met Tiger in Meridian as Forest clashed with Southeast Lauderdale (Meridian) last Friday night. The Bearcats nearly achieved a shut-out victory against the Tigers.
Despite being on the Tiger’s home field, the Bearcats exploded into the lead at the start of the game. The Bearcats played an exceptional game and finished strong for a big 47-7 win.
Forest scored two touchdowns in the first quarter, and Southeast Lauderdale scored none. In the second quarter, the Tigers came up with a single touchdown, but the Bearcats had two more of their own. To start the second half, the Bearcats scored three touchdowns and contained the Tiger offense, which failed to score any more touchdowns. The score at the end of the game was Forest 47 and Southeast Lauderdale 7.
Statistically, the Bearcats played an outstanding game. Out of 23 pass attempts, 16 were completed for 213 yards and four passes for touchdowns. A total of 242 yards were rushed for on 40 carries, three of which were touchdown carries, by the Bearcats. Forest racked up 455 yards total offense, which is nearly a season-high total in one game for the Bearcats. This season, the Bearcats have only allowed 99 points, seven more than before they played the Tigers.
Friday the Bearcats have a home game versus the Louisville Wildcats. Both  teams have records of six wins and two losses. In the 3A division, the Wildcats are ranked number two, and the Bearcats are ranked number four.
Nationally, the Bearcats are ranked 43, and the Wildcats are ranked 19. Currently, the Bearcats are on a four-game winning streak, which they will attempt to increase to five, and hopefully up their ranking as well.