Bobcats end season, look forward to next year

The Sebastopol Bobcats were defeated by the West Lowndes Panthers last Friday night. This brings the Bobcats to the end of their fateful season with their eighth loss in a row, but they went out fighting.
Coach Jason Greene had this to say about the game against West Lowndes: “We were able to find a running game on Friday. Same story, though; we gave up too many big plays — punt return (touchdown), interception return (for a touchdown). They were an athletic team which gave us trouble. Add in our fumble for a turnover and we couldn’t overcome it all.”
In the first quarter, Sebastopol was still working out the kinks while West Lowndes was only beginning to do work on the field. The Panthers scored a touchdown, and the Bobcats waited a quarter to score. When the first quarter ended, the score was Sebastopol 0, and West Lowndes 6.
West Lowndes returned a punt from Sebastopol for a touchdown early in the second quarter and rushed to convert for two points successfully. The Bobcats answered with an 11-yard rushing touchdown by Javiers Johnson, but missed the point after kick.
The next score was a touchdown reception by the Panthers with less than a minute in the half, and they missed the point after kick. The score at the end of the half was Sebastopol 6, West Lowndes 20.
Between halves, Coach Greene told the Bobcats, “We’re gonna take the ball, go down and score, and get back into the game.” Sebastopol followed the sound advice of their coach and made a big play near the beginning of the second half with a 55-yard rushing touchdown made once again by Johnson to close the gap to within eight points.
Eight minutes later, the Panthers rushed for a touchdown and a two-point conversion, which brought the score at the end of the third quarter to Sebastopol 12, West Lowndes 28.
The fourth and final quarter came to a close after both teams scored one more touchdown. The Panthers scored a rushing touchdown and rushed to convert for two points. The Bobcats scored on a 10-yard touchdown pass from Austin Wilson to Reginal Shepard, but failed to convert for two points.
In the end, the score was Sebastopol 18, West Lowndes 36.
On 33 carries, the Bobcats rushed for 200 yards with two rushing touchdowns, and completed two out of 10 pass attempts for 11 yards and one touchdown reception. The defense had 19 solo and 37 assisted tackles for a total of 56 tackles. Not the Bobcats’ best performance, but a solid effort nonetheless.
Congratulations to the Sebastopol Bobcats for persevering through a difficult 3-9 season. Of the 2017-2018 football season Coach Greene said, “Overall, we had a challenging season, but I hope the kids made some good memories. We will try to learn from this season and come out more determined as a whole next year.”
To paraphrase, challenges produce perseverance; perseverance character; and character, hope. Good luck to the Sebastopol Bobcat varsity football team and staff as they prepare and hope for the following season.