Powerful Tornadoes not enough to blow away Lake’s Hornets


The Lake Hornets game against the Philadelphia Tornadoes was an uphill climb to victory for the visiting team. The away status did not seem to affect the Hornets ability to perform consistently throughout all four quarters. The Tornadoes put up a good fight, but could not overcome the Hornets who won 34-30. This was the first loss of the season for the Tornadoes, who were previously 9-0, and, thanks to the Hornets, are now 9-1.
In the first quarter, Lake scored two touchdowns, but failed to kick in a point after or convert for two in either case. The Hornets kept the Tornadoes to only one touchdown in the first quarter. At the end of the first quarter, with less than a minute on the clock, Lake’s hardened defense recovered a fumble by Philadelphia which put the Hornets in great scoring position going in the second quarter. The score at the end of the first quarter was Lake 12, Philadelphia 6.
Capitalizing on excellent starting field position, the Hornets scored a rushing touchdown within the first minute of the second quarter; they were unable to convert for two. The Tornadoes whirled in a kickoff return for a touchdown, closing the lead gap to a one-score game; Philadelphia also tried to convert for two points, and failed. Philadelphia tied the game up with a rushing touchdown, and was once again unsuccessful in converting for two. The half came to a close after Lake turned the ball over on downs and Philadelphia punted. The score at halftime was Lake 18, Philadelphia 18.
Lake kicked off to Philadelphia to start the third quarter. The Tornadoes maintained possession of the football for two-thirds of the third, but eventually turned the ball over on downs. Lake took advantage of the opportunity to score a rushing touchdown, with a successful two-point conversion, which brought the score to Lake 26, Philadelphia 18 at the end of the third.
The Hornets started the fourth quarter in the red zone, and they made good use of the position on the field to score a rushing touchdown and completed a two-point conversion. Philadelphia had not given up — they knew the pressure was on and they stepped up the effort. The Tornadoes maintained control for the majority of the remainder of the fourth quarter; they scored two touchdowns, but failed both times they attempted to convert for two points. A fumble was recovered by Philadelphia with two minutes left in the game. The score was tight at the end of the game; Lake had 34 points, and Philadelphia had 30 points.
Offensively, Lake completed five out of the 11 attempted passes for 137 yards, and on 49 carries they gained 241 yards with five rushing touchdowns. Philadelphia had a solid night of offense as well, having completed 8 out of the 13 attempted passes for 73 yards and rushed 262 yards on 34 carries.
The Hornet defense recovered a fumble and intercepted two passes, while the Tornadoes had two fumble recoveries and only one interception. Lake had a total of 96 tackles and Philadelphia had 86 total tackles.
At home this week, the 7-2 Hornets face off against the 7-3 Newton Tigers.