Vardaman too much for Sebastopol’s Bobcats


Home field advantage was not enough to afford the Sebastopol Bobcats a victory against the Vardaman Rams. The Rams overcame the Bobcats 26 to 0. Try as they might, the Bobcats could not get the football into the end zone during the entire contest against the Rams, who had a consistent night, scoring one touchdown in all four quarters.
In the first quarter, the Rams scored a 44-yard run with 20 seconds left on the time clock. They failed to kick in the point after. The score at the end of the initial quarter was Vardaman 6, Sebastopol 0.
A couple minutes into the second quarter, Vardaman scored a 26-yard rushing touchdown. This touchdown was set up by an interception return by Vardman. In a vain attempt to convert for two points, but the pass attempt was incomplete. At the end of the half, the score between the two teams was Vardman 12, Sebastopol 6.
Vardaman kicked off the Sebastopol to open the second half. Sebastopol was forced to punt after a two-minute drive. Unfortunately for the Bobcats, this punt was returned by the Rams for a touchdown, which was padded with a good extra point kick. When the third quarter ended, the score was Vardaman 18, Sebastopol 0.
The fourth and final quarter of the contest ended with Vardaman scoring their last touchdown of the game on a 22-yard running play, which was upped with a good extra point kick. The score when the game was over was Vardaman 26, Sebastopol 0.
Defensively, the Bobcats had 20 solo tackles and 23 assisted tackles for a total of 43 tackles. Vardaman, on the other hand, had 23 solo and 66 assisted tackles for a total of 89 tackles. The Rams also had two interceptions and a fumble recovery.
Offensively, Sebastopol completed six out of 18 passes attempted for 69 yards. On 34 carries, the ‘Cats gained 117 yards. Total yards, with passing and rushing combined, the ‘Cats had 186 total yards of offense. Vardaman, however, completed three out of seven passed attempts for 38 yards, and they carried the ball 30 times for 245 yards. The Rams’ gained a total of 283 yards.
On the 27th of October, the 3-7 Bobcats will be travelling to French Camp to battle the 6-3 Panthers. In the 1A division, Sebastopol is ranked number 24, and the Panthers are ranked number six. The Bobcats had better watch out, come prepared, and play hard in order to bring home a win against the Panthers.